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Graphic Design Books
Book of Ideas - A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design - Volume 1

The Creative Direction and Graphic Design Handbook: Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic

Drawing on his extensive and varied professional experience, Radim Malinic provides a thorough and aesthetically appealing insight into the creative process in "Book of Ideas - A Journal of Creative Direction and Graphic Design - Volume 1". More than just a guide, this book is divided into three main sections: Work, Creativity, and Mind. Each section contains both personal insights and useful guidelines. Each section explores fundamental facets of the creative field, from cultivating client relationships and overcoming artistic obstacles to embracing personal growth and enthusiasm in the workplace. Complete with full-page graphics and real-world case studies, Malinic's book is a great resource for anyone looking for inspiration and advice in the field of graphic design, whether they are seasoned professionals, freelance creatives, or design students.
Contemporary Japanese Posters

Contemporary Japanese Posters: A Journey Through 50 Years of Japanese Graphic Design

The extensive history of Japanese graphic design is explored in detail in Contemporary Japanese Posters. It looks back more than 50 years at the evolution of design principles in Japanese society, beginning with the revolutionary Tokyo Olympics of 1964. There are 756 posters in this comprehensive reference, created by 85 graphic designers. Major events such as the Osaka Expo and the creation of the recognizable Issey Miyake emblem are among the designs highlighted. This unique 519-page book, published by Skira in 2021, examines how Japan has blended the traditional and the modern since World War II. A tribute to the timeless inventiveness and cultural relevance of Japanese graphic design, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in design or art history.
Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions From The USSR

Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions From The USSR

The fascinating book "Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions from the USSR" examines how the Soviet Union depicted the space race and cosmic fantasies during the Cold War. Compiled by Alexandra Sankova, this lavishly illustrated book features more than 250 original artworks from popular science magazines that functioned as both political propaganda and entertainment. It offers readers a distinctive perspective on Soviet ideas about scientific progress, space travel, and the possibility of extraterrestrial communication. A must-read for lovers of space, graphic design, and Cold War history, this book is a fascinating glimpse into the hopes and psychology of a bygone era, and much more than just a beautiful collection of images.
Graphic Design for Art, Fashion, Film, Architecture, Photography, Product Design and Everything in Between

Visual Storytelling: Graphic Design’s Influence on Art, Fashion, and More

In many different industries, including art, fashion, film, architecture, photography, and product design, graphic design is a vital and dynamic element. This comprehensive guide highlights the critical role that graphic design plays in creating visually compelling layouts and practical, efficient visual communication. Through extensive case studies and professional perspectives, readers will explore how leading designers create and establish patterns and transform ideas into powerful visual storytelling. Written by renowned designers Andy Cooke and Angharad Lewis, this book is an invaluable resource for both aspiring and experienced graphic designers. It provides an in-depth look at the innovative thinking and teamwork that goes into producing great design projects in a variety of industries.
Milton Glaser: Graphic Design

A Journey Through Graphic Design With Milton Glaser

The classic and enduring book, Milton Glaser: Graphic Design examines the early work and working methods of one of America's most important graphic designers. Highly acclaimed for providing a thorough perspective on Glaser's early career, the book includes iconic pieces such as the avant-garde New York magazine design and the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster. First published in 1973, this iconic work not only demonstrates Glaser's extensive contributions to the industry, but also provides a perceptive analysis of the broader implications and obligations of graphic design. Praised by critics and peers alike, this book remains a fundamental resource for understanding and appreciating contemporary graphic design.
Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die: Punk and Post Punk Graphics

Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die: Punk and Post Punk Graphics

Explore the visual revolt of punk and post-punk by delving into Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die: Punk & Post Punk Graphics 1976-1986. Featuring over 700 scans of original flyers, posters, and album covers from the most important bands of the era, this book is a gold mine for fans and creatives alike. Compiled from the lifelong collection of punk enthusiast Andrew Krivine, the book is more than just an archive. These images are brought to life with expert commentary and historical context that highlights the movement's lasting influence on graphic design and the rebellious attitude that inspired it all.
Graphic Design School

Graphic Design School: Evolving Techniques and Immutable Principles

A thorough guide for aspiring and practicing graphic designers is "Graphic Design School: Principles and Practice of Graphic Design" by David Dabner, Sandra Stewart, and Abbie Vickress. This valuable book contains information on the evolving techniques and immutable principles of the graphic design industry. This recently revised resource goes beyond the basics to provide a solid foundation of fundamental ideas and show how they are applied in a variety of media, from print to innovative online design. With its wealth of real-world examples, perceptive analysis, and helpful guidance, the book gives readers the skills and information they need to succeed in the rapidly changing field of visual communication.
Marvel By Design

Marvel By Design

"Marvel By Design" explores the significant influence Marvel Comics has had on popular culture and graphic design over the past eight decades. This comprehensive tome delves into Marvel's evolution from its comic book beginnings to its notable presence in contemporary digital arenas such as gaming and advertising. Through an analysis of Marvel's distinctive design methods, which include recognizable logos, covers, and color palettes, the book reveals the innovative methodology that has established benchmarks in the industry. Showcasing Marvel's influence on visual storytelling and cultural narratives, Marvel By Design is a valuable resource for designers and comic book enthusiasts alike. It features expert perspectives and visual encyclopedias.
Made in Japan: Awe-Inspiring Japanese Graphics

Made in Japan: Awe-Inspiring Japanese Graphics

Products that are "Made in Japan" may conjure up images of the perfect fusion of functionality and style. "Made in Japan: Awe-Inspiring Japanese Graphics," a book that examines how design influences every element of Japanese life, perfectly realizes this concept. This book explores the essence of Japanese design, showing the seamless integration of traditional art and philosophy with modern ideas, all while emphasizing subtle grace and simplicity. It provides a thorough understanding of why Japanese design is so highly regarded worldwide for its ability to inspire and set trends while combining beauty and functionality. If you've ever wondered why Japanese design is unique, this book will give you a clear insight.
Extra Bold

Extra Bold: A Manifesto for Empathy and Equality in the Design Industry

Going beyond the conventions of standard design books, Extra Bold is a vital resource that combines the academic rigor of a textbook with the entertaining aspects of a comic book, zine, and survival guide. Written by Jennifer Tobias and Ellen Lupton, this groundbreaking resource challenges the traditional design narrative from a diverse and inclusive perspective with a wealth of insightful essays, personal stories, and helpful guidance. "Extra Bold is a revolutionary manifesto for promoting empathy and equality in the design industry. Written for both beginners and experienced designers, it tackles important issues such as inclusivity, the wage gap, and mentorship.