Knowing the Basics and Beyond

The book “Graphic Design School” tries to give students the basic knowledge of graphic design. It allows you to understand the basic ideas and then apply them to other media. This book is designed for beginning students who need to build a strong foundation. You’ll discover everything from color and typography to their applications in web and app design. To help you bring these talents into the digital age, the book is packed with useful tips and information.

Updated Content for Today’s Designers

With the latest examples from print, social media, apps, and the web, this seventh edition of Graphic Design School provides a comprehensive overview of the field of visual communication. Updates on software and conventional printing methods such as screen and risograph printing are included in this edition. The book also emphasizes collaboration among design professionals and multidisciplinary learning. It expands your knowledge of graphic design by introducing you to important historical and modern figures.

In-Depth Discussions and Useful Resources

Many essential topics for any graphic designer are covered in this volume. This book covers everything from information architecture and coding to typographic guidelines and fonts. File organization, website design, mobile composition, and social media design are all covered. Student projects, case studies, designer biographies, and full-color images round out the book. These features are designed to test your skills and help you gain a deeper understanding of graphic design.

About the Authors

Abbie Vickress, a lecturer at Central Saint Martins, brings her knowledge of politically and socially conscious graphic design to the book. Her background adds depth to the material and a greater understanding of how effective messages can be communicated through graphic design. This book is a comprehensive resource for students, with contributions from David Dabner, former course director at the London College of Printing, and Sandra Stewart, associate dean at Drexel University.

Real-World Application of Graphic Design

Rather than simply teaching, Graphic Design School emphasizes the real-world applications of design. It provides insightful analysis and practical advice for achieving success in the dynamic graphic design profession. This book is essential reading for anyone looking to advance their career or broaden their knowledge, whether they are a student or a professional. It is suitable for anyone interested in the practice or art of graphic design, as it is accessible, engaging, and educational. Published by Wiley on February 5, 2020, the seventh edition of Graphic Design School: Principles and Practice of Graphic Design has 208 paperback pages.

Where to Buy?

Step into the educational world of design with “Graphic Design School.” Here’s where you can find your copy:

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