The Japanese Evolution of Graphic Design

“Contemporary Japanese Posters” is a visual feast not to be missed if you’re interested in the evolution of graphic design in Japan. The journey of Japanese graphic design is thoroughly documented in this book, beginning with the pivotal Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and continuing through several notable occasions such as the Osaka Expo and the development of the famous Issey Miyake logo. It’s an ode to the ingenuity that has influenced the international design community and shaped Japan’s visual scene.

After World War II, in the mid-1950s, Japanese design underwent a radical transformation. The country embraced global influences while shaking off the legacy of war and the Great Depression. During this time, Japan saw the emergence of contemporary posters that fused traditional themes and colors with contemporary design. This book explores this rich history and shows how graphic design has continued to adapt and retain traditional Japanese sensibilities, making it a distinctive and powerful force in the art world.

Contemporary Japanese Posters
Contemporary Japanese Posters

A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Posters

Contemporary Japanese Posters is a comprehensive survey of over fifty years of Japanese graphic design. Set against the backdrop of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, the book provides an overview of aesthetic changes and developments in the field. Featuring 756 posters and the work of 85 graphic artists, this publication is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand the breadth and complexity of Japanese graphic design.

This 519-page hardcover book, published by Skira in November 2021, is packed with educational and motivational material. It is unique in that it is the most comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Japanese graphic poster design available in any language. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the relationship between tradition and innovation, including designers and art historians. It is the ideal addition to any bookshelf or coffee table for endless exploration and enjoyment, as it not only inspires but also teaches.

A Creative Exploration of Japanese Graphic Design

More than just a book, Contemporary Japanese Posters takes readers on a tour through the heart of Japan’s rich graphic design history. With each page, you’ll learn about the artists and stories behind some of the most iconic posters that have helped define modern art and design in Japan. Because of its excellent educational value, eye-catching graphics, and ability to hold your attention throughout, this review gives it our highest recommendation.

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