Practical Design Suggestions for Graphic Design

Now in its fourth edition, The Non-Designer’s Design Book offers even more practical design advice, including a new chapter on the fundamentals of typography, more quizzes, and exercises to train your Designer Eye, updated projects for you to try, and new visual and typographic examples to inspire your creativity.

This Essential Guide To Design Will Teach You

  • The 4 principles of design that underlie design projects.
  • How to design with color and type.
  • How to combine typefaces for maximum effect.
  • How to see and think like a professional designer.
  • Specific tips on designing newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other projects.


“I have no graphic design background but have always been interested in pursuing it as a hobby and/or freelance opportunity eventually. This has been an incredible resource for me as a beginner. It has taught me tons about fonts, colors, layout ideas, designing business cards and other business forms, and so much more, it’d be impossible to list it all. The way the author lays out the book makes all this new information so easy to comprehend, and that is one of the things I like most about the book. I am always going back to re-read and look at ideas and info when I’m working on designing different things. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in graphic design.” – Emily Lewis

“This is an awesome book. The author clearly builds on proper design principles using outstanding examples of poorly and properly designed bulletins, personal stationery, postcards, resumes, etc. Although I have been using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign (formerly Pagemaker for years), I have a lot to learn about graphic design. Considerable emphasis is placed on the focus for the particular design followed by four easily understood design principles. The last one-half of the book concerns the use of type. This is one great book. Seriously. I highly recommend the book to any beginner or low intermediate designer. Thank you very much.” – John R. Hawkins

About the Author

Robin Williams is the author of dozens of bestselling and award-winning books, including The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book, The Non-Designer’s InDesign Book, and The Mac is not a typewriter. Through her writing, teaching, and seminars, Robin has educated and influenced an entire generation of computer users in the areas of design, typography, desktop publishing, the Mac, and the Web.

Non Designer’s Design Book by author Robin Williams. Hardcover: 240 pages. Language: English. Publisher: Peachpit Press; 4 edition. (November 29, 2014).

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