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This article contains websites where you can learn about graphic design resources. We hope that graphic designers working in the advertising industry will enrich their productions. On this page, which we have prepared for content creators interested in marketing design, we have mainly included websites related to illustration.

For those who use illustration elements in their design projects, you can find the best examples of free vector art in the resources below. Browse free illustrations of quality graphic elements for creators who need illustrations for their projects.

Absurd Illustrations

Absurd Design: A website that offers absurd illustrations to its users. Created by graphic designer Diana Valeanu. New surrealist drawings are regularly created here. This personal project was born out of the need to interact with something more human in the digital age. Check out these surrealist illustrations created entirely by a real human hand. You can download some drawings for free on this website. You can use it for both your personal and commercial projects. In addition, membership plans and individual sections are also offered to users. It can be interesting to use absurd illustrations in your design projects.

Illustration Generator

Cool Illustrations: An illustration generator that anyone can use easily. Online editor for drawings. On this website, you can edit the predefined drawings according to your needs. Choose illustrations from the catalog and customize them easily. Start creating your awesome illustrations. It allows you to quickly customize drawings. You can change the elements in each drawing. You can delete it or change its color. Change the illustration elements to make it perfect for your brand. Create your unique story in a few clicks. Download the entire composition or select a specific item. Supports JPEG, PNG, or SVG formats. You can find the list of compositions on the website. Those who want special illustrations can also request a design. You can use the illustrations here on your website and in your presentations. You can use it for your blog post or even print it on your t-shirt.

Free Vector Illustrations

Free Vector Illustrations Icons 8: Icon 8 is used by thousands of designers worldwide. Check out this website’s illustration initiative. It is one of the resources that meet the quality graphics needs of content creators. It contains quality design elements that allow designers to express their ideas. You can find high-quality illustrations produced by the best Dribbble artists. PNG-format versions of the drawings can also be downloaded for free. Drawings prepared for people in every sector were presented to users in different categories. For example, there are illustrations on education, food, health, technology, and more. The design elements presented here will be useful to designers and developers.

Quality Illustrations

Free Vector Illustrations Pixeltrue: Pixeltrue is one of the sites where you can find quality illustrations. They provide quality design services to businesses. They care more about quality than quantity. There are MIT licensed illustrations on this site that you can use in your projects. Added animations as well as drawings. It is offered free of charge for personal and commercial use. It can be used free of charge for personal and commercial purposes without attribution.

Founder Andy Dao states that the aim of this initiative is to enable businesses to access great designs without spending money. It is possible to access more than 500 illustrations in 13 packages free of charge on this website. Additionally, over 1000 design elements in 31 different styles are available for a fee. We recommend that people who need quality drawings in their designs check out this website, which is updated weekly.

Open-Source Illustrations

Illustrations Un Draw: Un draw is a stunning collection of open-source illustrations. A design project where you can find quality illustrations for any idea you can think of. One of the initiatives that make the life of designers easier. This multi-element illustration collection is available free of charge to the community.

If you are looking for royalty-free and quality illustrations for your project, check out this website. You can find images that fit your needs. In addition, the fact that the colors in the drawings are customizable provides a great advantage for the users. You can create pictures with your own color for free. You can turn the illustration you like into the color you want to match your brand identity. It can be said to be an excellent resource for vector-based drawings. It will more than meet your visual needs for your blog posts. If you are a web developer looking for beautifully designed illustrations, check out this website.

Online Design Magazine

Mindsparkle Mag: Mindsparkle Mag is one of the online design magazines that publish developments in the design industry. In his own words, it’s actually more than that. There are only quality projects on this site where you can learn about design. It is also a community of people who share the same values in design. A platform where inspiring projects are promoted. Topics covered are design, web design, and video arts. A carefully selected collection of the best websites is also available. This web selection will allow developers to get new ideas. In the design category, there are examples of graphic design and branding. In addition, successful works in the fields of photography, art, and architecture were featured. You should check out this information resource, which is one of the quality design blogs.

Online Drawing Collection

Open Peeps: Open Peeps is an online drawing collection of hand-drawn illustrations. The illustrations on this website offer a practical solution for creating human scenes. You can create cartoon characters in different combinations. You can change clothes and hairstyles. You can add different facial expressions. It is possible to adjust different poses, including standing and sitting. Hundreds of thousands of different combinations can be created by mixing character components. Design tools such as Sketch, Figma, XD or Studio can be used for this. You can use the characters you create in marketing images. It can also be used in comics or storyboards. A very useful website for those who need hand-drawn characters in their presentations.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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