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Discover some of the most inspiring design podcasts for graphic designers, branding designers, design developers and other creative design professionals. The best graphic design podcasts.

The best graphic design podcasts focuses on the wide world of design through thought-provoking conversations with graphic designers, founder, developers and creative thinkers. Podcast is an extension of the graphic design and creative talks and it highlights creatives making cool things. A podcast about design, strategy and branding. Listen to industry leaders, designers and founders.

Adaptable Design & Branding When You’re Moving Quickly Due to COVID-19

Our guest on the podcast this week is Kelsey Ullrich. Kelsey is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified yoga teacher, the founder of Inner Circle Healing Retreats and does branding and design work for wellness brands. She did the logo and design package for Awarepreneurs.

Contemporary Romance Author Pippa Grant Talks Branding and How To Design A Sexy Hero

Pippa Grant, author in the Bluewater Billionaires series, discusses co-writing, billionaire romance, knowing your brand, and her strategies for success in 2020.

The Importance of Branding and Web Design – Victoria Marcouillier

Victoria is a believer, a wife, a mama-to-be this summer, and the owner of a brand and web design studio, called BrandWell. She is incredibly inspiring and is constantly encouraging me and many others around her. She aspires to help women level up their side hustle, or small business, by creating beautiful brands and websites that attract their ideal customers. Today we are going to do a deep dive into web design, branding and social media.

Branding Your Way To The Top with Chelsey Ast of BARK Design Studio

Today on Celebrating Simple Life the Podcast, I’m chatting with Chelsey Ast, owner of Bark Design Studio. Chelsey is a Brand expert, marketing genius & graphic designer all in one. Starting her graphic design career in Calgary and now operating out of Regina with clients around the world. With art as her passion an an intense eye for design, she finds small joys in the beauty of everyday life. She has the ability to take ideas and turn them into art in the form of graphic design. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Chelsey as a client with the incredible branding she created for Shine Collective Canada and now, also as a friend. She is absolutely lovely, beautiful and insightful, so tune in to our chat all about growing her graphic design business, life as an entrepreneur and everything in between.

Clear Branding, Startups and Design by Miķelis Baštiks

Our Today’s guest is Miķelis Baštiks, Co-Founder and lead designer of design agency Asketic. We covered the design process, business models in creative industries and specifically in graphic design. Talked about the role of machines, machine learning algorithms, and the future of the design process in the age of data. In the end, Miķelis gives advice about the early design process and how not to make it too complicated.

Design & Branding Tips for The Non-Designer

Graphic designers are trained to know what works and have a sharp eye to identify off-balance designs, but we regular folk don’t have that same skill. So, today Emylee gets to direct questions at the Abagail who, as you all know, is a kick-ass designer. Wearing her designer hat, she will advise you about representing your brand in the most professional manner even though you lack professional skills.

How Your Own Design Knowledge Can Promote or Inhibit Your Business’s Best Branding

Is it easy to differentiate good design from bad? What promotes great design when a creative team is designing for a brand? In this episode of Expert Opinion, managing director of our New York office, Andrea Fabbri, sits down with two creative minds to discuss all aspects of designing for corporate brands. Chief Creative Officer Michael Dula and David Kohler, creative director in BrandingBusiness’ New York office, have over 40 years combined experience.

Jack Lu of Hervor Watches on Product Design, Branding & Marketing for Ecomm

Hear Jack Lu, Managing Director of watch brand Hervor, talk about the importance of good product design and branding, plus niching, digital marketing and the importance of investing where your market is strongest. As the Founder, and a hands-on business owner, Jack shares some awesome insights across a wide range of ecommerce topics, from the importance of spending time on products, design and manufacturing, to maintaining consistent branding and messaging.

Graphic Design: Logos, Beer, and Creative Branding

Mike Morawski of Honyocker Design joins Kyle on the podcast to talk about graphic design and his many years of experience in the field. They talk about fails and achievements, starting your own business, the importance of logos and what to expect when you are going to work with a graphic designer.

Website Design and Branding Secrets That ROCK with Greg Merrilees

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design a website that quakes the internet into submission? Those secret ingredients that, when intertwined in just the right way, will sprout profound business growth and success? Well, you can get your head out of the clouds because, in this podcast episode, we’re giving away all of the best website design and branding secrets for your ears only! My personal graphic designer, Greg Merrilees from Studio 1 Design, joins me on this podcast episode to talk about top strategies for designing a custom, branded, high-performing website.

It’s Time You Started Caring about Branding, Logo Design & Tag Lines

George Ricoy – Ricoy Creative – San Diego, CA Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California. Subscribe to Behind The Smoke on YouTube Summary George Ricoy is a designer/illustrator and owner of Ricoy Creative. Based out of San Diego, George specializes in corporate identity and branding, graphic design and marketing collaterals, and web design and development. Ricoy Creative is a professional and versatile creative design company whose objective is to help clients reach their goals and achieve business success by effectively communicating with the target audience.

Why Design Matters in Branding with Charli Prangley

There is often a confusion with the term “branding”. Many people often think a brand is what something looks like, how it’s made or presented. People often equate “design” and “brand”, even though it’s only part of the picture. All that being said, design is an essential ingredient of a memorable brand, and the best cakes require the best ingredients (yes, I used a cake metaphor.) Charli Prangley is a web and graphic designer who is passionate about helping designers do their best work.

Branding Navigation, Hamburger Menus, Design Systems, Inspiring Change and More.

In this episode we will answer listener questions about if main navigation should just get you around or project a brand image, if there such a thing as “necessary evils” in design, my take on having Design Systems in a large enterprise, how to inspire change in small organizations, and How travel inspires my creativity and approach.

Design and Branding with Rabbi Michael Cohen

In this episode, I spoke with Rabbi Michael Cohen, designer and technologist, about design and branding, his upcoming book, and his work as The Tech Rabbi and his “Educated By Design” brand.

Graphic Design and Branding with Celeste Leonard

Dean Steinman, President of Presentation Multimedia, with special guest Celeste Leonard, Graphic Designer, share insights and tips on design and branding with marketing trends, social media posts, creativity and branding.

Marianne Hartley – Healing, Design and Branding

Many people think that branding is all about the logo. Although the logo is a central component of your brand, it is not the only thing that makes a brand. Today on the podcast I chat with Marianne Hartley, Creative Director and Founder at Hartley & Soul Ltd, a branding design company. They create irresistable brands that reveal the life force of your business. In this episode, we talk about healing design, the elements that make up a brand, tips how to find your brand and the shift in her mindset when it comes to sales.

Make Your Branding and Design Irresistible with Joana Galvao

Joining us today is Joana Galvao, cofounder of Gif Design Studios, an award-winning digital agency specializing in brand identities and design. Joana dives straight into explaining design best practices, leading to an episode that’s chock-full of actionable tips that listeners can immediately put to use to create a more effective, conversion-oriented website. We go beyond what makes a website bad or good, and talk about the nitty-gritty that can make an unparalleled website.

Branding, Image, and Graphic Design with Greg Gammino

In this episode, I sit down with veteran graphic designer Greg Gammino. He recently started his own design firm, building on a decade of experience working with brands like Canon, Ferrari, Walmart, and more. We talk about what to look for in a designer, how your image can make or break your career, why you need a logo, and much more.

Author Branding & Cover Design Interview with S. Alexander O’Keefe

In this episode, I speak with author S. Alexander O’Keefe about his experiences working with his author branding team and cover designer.

Design & Branding With Jessie Ford Coots

Our first guest for Shareable is an inspirational young lady named Jessie Ford Coots.   Jessie is the owner + designer behind Untethered, a boutique graphic design studio in the Midwest USA that specializes in logo identity, branding, print advertising, stationery + more. This was a very interesting conversation about her upbringing, her overall outlook on life, the very personal origin of the name of her design studio, Untethered, plus a lot more. It was a very fun conversation and it made me think a lot about the way I conduct business and myself in life as whole – and I hope our listeners will also take away a lot from this interview.

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