Sources of Design Inspiration for Different Areas of Design

For enthusiasts of magazine covers, a collection of historical magazines can provide a vast array of cover examples that can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. Designers working on book covers can benefit from studying the work of designers who redesign the covers of the books they read. In addition, an organization that researches the graphic design industry in Singapore can provide fresh ideas by collecting design samples.

If you enjoy old posters, advertisements, and packaging designs, the International Advertising and Design Database’s archive of historical design products can be a valuable resource. Interface designers can find inspiration in user interface design examples, icon collections, and samples from around the world. Web designers can explore innovative web interface designs collected and shared in the CSS Gallery.

The Advertising and Design Database

The Advertising and Design Database is an excellent resource for creative professionals and designers. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest achievements in the advertising and visual design industry.

Background Patterns is an exceptional online resource for web developers and designers. This platform is ideal for those who want to visually enhance the backgrounds of their websites and applications with elegant and eye-catching seamless patterns.

The Bloomberg Cover Collection is a fantastic visual archive for people interested in the world of business and finance. It features covers from Bloomberg Businessweek magazine that provide visual insight into major events and trends in the business world.

Explore Inspiring Design Websites

BP&O Branding is a platform specializing in brand identity and design. The website offers the opportunity to explore creative brand designs and identities of various brands worldwide.

Collect UI is an amazing resource for anyone interested in user interface design. The site features some of the best examples of user interface design, making it an excellent source of inspiration for designers who want to keep up with the latest design trends and create user-friendly applications.

From Cover to Cover is a website dedicated to showcasing book covers and designs. The platform offers a comprehensive insight into the artistic and creative world of book covers, making it an exciting resource for both book lovers and designers.

Websites for Design and Print Inspiration

Print PM is a website dedicated exclusively to print media design and printing projects. The site showcases various design examples and print projects, making it an ideal source of inspiration for professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the design and print industry.

The Responsive Design Gallery is an online platform that showcases a collection of exemplary examples of responsive web design. The site showcases an impressive range of mobile responsive websites from various industries and serves as a great source of inspiration for web designers.

The Singapore Graphic Archives website offers a fascinating glimpse into Singapore’s graphic design history. It features a wide range of graphic design works created in Singapore during different periods, making it an excellent resource for graphic design and history enthusiasts.

The Brand Identity is a website dedicated exclusively to brand identity and design on a global scale. This platform showcases various brand design projects and provides inspiration for those who want to create brand identities while staying abreast of the latest developments in the design world.