Graphic Design Resources #1

You can find the graphic design resources we have published for the development of the visual arts industry on this page. We have included inspiring websites that publish regular content mainly on communication design.

You should take a look at the publications that enable people working in the field of digital publishing to be aware of the developments in web design. We hope that the websites we feature on this page will offer different approaches to art directors seeking innovation in the media industry.

Building A Better Website

The information resources here will help you learn the tips you need to build a better website. For example, the 10 principles of good design organized by German industrial designer and academic Dieter Rams will enable you to do better quality work. You can examine the best examples of important elements in the field of communication design such as photography, illustration, and typography.

An innovative design approach prepared for Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, may interest you. You can learn the meanings of symbols used in electronic devices. You can also check out the website where you can learn the historical origins of the Olympic logos. We recommend that you read graphic design resources on the Internet that contain useful information that will allow you to do more refined work.

Inspiration for The Graphic Design Industry

We care about websites that share useful resources that designers may need. We support reliable sources that inform creative people about design trends. One of them is Specyboy Design Magazine, which has been published since 2007. It is an online magazine focused on inspiring designers. It has become one of the inspiration centers of the graphic design industry. With the information here, you can explore new design techniques. You can get the information you need to create a website. Helpful tips and tutorials will help you create a better website.

The Leading Publication of The Visual Arts

A magazine familiar to anyone interested in visual communication. It was founded in 1959 by Richard Coyne and Robert Blanchard. Communication Arts, one of the leading publications of the visual arts, is the world's largest creative magazine. For many years, it has been providing comprehensive information to the communication industry with great care. It is one of the indispensable sources of information for graphic designers and art directors. Corporate design departments and advertising agencies are among its readers. It is an important print resource showcasing illustration, photography and typography projects. You can access the informative content on the website, which is updated daily, free of charge.

Web Design Blog

Jake Bresnehan is a passionate web developer. He tries to pass on the development knowledge he has acquired over the years to new generations. To this end, he publishes information covering all aspects of web design on his blog, Web Design Weekly. He regularly shares information to help you learn all about web design. There are many tutorial resources to help you create a better web project. It is also possible to find useful information about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Check out this personal blog for tips and tricks on design and development.

Technology, Design and Innovation

It would be beneficial for a designer to follow developments in the design and technology sectors. One of the world's leading media brands where you can get information on these issues is the publication called Fast Company. It is one of the publications focusing on innovation in the field of creativity. The topics covered in this comprehensive publication are technology, design and innovation. They present developments in the design industry to their readers with a unique editorial focus. It is published to highlight innovative business practices, teams and individuals inventing the future.

Interface Design and Web Development

We strive to promote websites that offer quality content to their readers. One of the reference resources in this field is the website called Smashing Magazine. It includes content related to interface design and web development. Consisting of people who work with passion and dedication, this publication has been reaching its readers since 2006. Communities like these, made up of people who care about their work, deserve to be supported by readers. You should definitely take a look at this web site, which does a very laborious work on content production. You can find useful information for web designers and developers in this blog.

Graphic Design and User Experience

Supporting the web design industry and building inspiring communities is invaluable. Published for this purpose, Web Designer Depot is one of the most successful websites of the last decade. Founded in 2008, this comprehensive blog is published by experienced designers. Being at the heart of the web design industry, they witness the changes and trends in this field. On this site, you can access quality content prepared for freelance web designers. Photoshop tutorials, WordPress plugins, and information on web development tools are also included. You should take a look at this resource where you can find the best information about graphic design and user experience.

A History Of Olympic Logos

The Olympics is one of the important organizations that take place with the participation of many different countries. The symbol of this important tradition in the field of sports is the Olympic logos. The Olympic logo is one of the visual values shared by all people. The history of Olympic logos brought together in one website. You can learn about the origin of 49 Olympic emblems from past to present. The logos of the Olympics that took place between 1896-2014 are included with their explanations. The visual components that make up the logo are explained in detail. We hope the information here will be especially useful for designers in the visual brand identity field.

Origins of Common UI Symbols

There are many symbols that we see frequently in daily life. These icons consist of images that guide us in our daily work. For example, the USB and Bluetooth icons. Many different symbols appear countless times a day on different devices. How much do we know about the origins of these symbols that everyone recognizes as soon as they see them? A website that examines the origins of common UI symbols can help with this. Knowing the origins of familiar icons will give the designer an advantage.

Ten Principles for Good Design

Industrial designer Dieter Rams is one of the most important people who have made great contributions to the design industry. In the late 1970s, he established a set of principles to clear up confusion in design products; Ten principles for good design. These design principles are innovative, useful, aesthetic, clear, unobtrusive and honest. It is also long lasting, complete, environmentally friendly and less design. These principles guide all work in the field of design. You should take a look at these basic features that a design should have.

Hover State

The element that allows users to interact with websites is their hover. In this context, they brought together innovative design and interactive websites on the Hover State blog. Curated by Mike Guppy and Dan Powell. They look for websites that experiment with interaction design in interesting ways. Check out the web design archive they have carefully compiled since 2012. Discover content that can inspire you for your new project.

Facebook Design Concept

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Graphic designer Fred Nerby devised an alternative Facebook design concept. This alternative interface design offers a much more streamlined solution in the online space. This concept, prepared in 2013, has a systematic design approach. If you are interested in UX/UI design, you should take a look at this concept.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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