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Design Resources From Around the World

Art of The Menu is a website that showcases menu designs from around the world. It features both old and new menus, with multiple photos of each menu featured, as well as a digital version. The site allows users to leave comments, providing valuable feedback for graphic designers.

Font Kiko is a website that offers a large number of free icons on various topics. The icons are available in various formats, including EPS, SVG, AI, PNG, Unicode and font. These minimalist icons can be used to add value to your designs and are perfect for web projects, mobile applications, and more.

Interface In Game is a free project that offers a collection of video game skins, screenshots, and short video clips from popular games. This site is a valuable resource for game designers, providing inspiration and new ideas for creating games. It’s also useful for game lovers who want to recommend video games.

Design Tools for Designers and Artists

Krita Digital Painting is a full-featured digital painting program for artists who want to create professional work. It is open source and used by millions of people around the world. It appeals to illustrators in various industries, including comic book artists, illustrators, and concept artists. This illustration software has useful art tools, supports color spaces other than RGB, such as CMYK, and has HDR painting and a perspective grid.

Letterform Archive is a non-profit organization that provides a large archive of medieval manuscripts. The archive consists primarily of historical manuscripts and old printed publications, including books, periodicals, posters, sketches, and original artwork. This unique archive of rare items has been digitized and is available free of charge.

Record Label Logos is a blog that offers an extensive archive of record label logos. This collection provides an inspiring glimpse into the visual culture of the past. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in logo design and provides a glimpse into the history of typography. This rare collection is well worth a look.