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This article contains graphic design resources that will allow you to take your skills to the next level. It appeals to all creative people who want to improve themselves. Websites where you can find new generation graphic design examples are included in this article. We hope this information will be especially useful for young graphic designers entering the marketing industry. Also, icon libraries add value to your projects. Old print publications. Page layout and typography examples.

A blog where you can get ideas about logos in the music industry. Website interface examples for web developers. Free drawing and painting program for young illustrators. Interface design examples for designers producing video games. New ideas on communication design. Check out inspiring websites here. We hope that the graphic design resources we have carefully compiled will be useful to our readers.

Awesome Menu Designs From Around The World

Art of The Menu: Art of The Menu is a website where you can see the menus of restaurants together. Its purpose is to showcase awesome menu designs from around the world. Compiled old and new inspiring menus. Multiple photos of each displayed menu are displayed. A digital version of each is also available. Thus, it is possible to see the typography and layout details. All posts here are open to comments. People can express their opinions about the design. Anyone can write their opinion, whether it’s the designer of the menu or the owner of the restaurant. You can also express your opinions and suggestions. These comments and feedback on design will enable graphic designers to improve their work. Also, carefully compiled menus here can enable you to discover a restaurant. Maybe you can even find a new place to eat next time you go out.

Icons For All Purposes

Font Kiko: One of the quality sites where you can find icons for all purposes. On this website, you can find a large number of icons on different topics for free. In addition to basic topics, there are also icons on subjects such as education, medicine, real estate, and social media. A carefully crafted open source icons pack. You can also use the icons here as fonts. This font will look perfect in any situation. You can use it in your web project or in a mobile app. Each icon is available in different formats; EPS, SVG, AI, PNG, Unicode, and font. The minimal icons here will add value to your designs.

Interface In Game

Interface In Game: Interface In Game is a free project developed by a team of passionate gamers. An extensive collection of video game skins. Screenshots of the games have been carefully put together here. It will allow you to get new ideas in the process of creating a game. There is a lot of content that will inspire game designers in particular. Video games user interfaces. Short video clips from the most popular games. Take a look at all the parts that make up a video game. Explore this collection for designers in the game industry. This site will also be useful for game lovers. Players who want to recommend video games can also contribute.

Digital Painting Program For Artists

Krita Digital Painting: Krita is a full-featured digital painting program for artists who want to create professional work. It is one of the best free drawing programs. This digital painting studio is open source. It is used by millions of people all over the world. It appeals to illustrators in different industries. Used by comic book artists, illustrators, and concept artists. Cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists are also among its users. It is an illustration software with useful art tools. Made by professional artists for anyone to use easily.

Many different drawings can be produced in this illustration program. Concept art, textures, illustrations, and comic illustrations. This free software has unique features among painting apps. It supports color gamut other than RGB, such as CMYK. It has HDR painting and a perspective grid. The developers of this program also support the artistic community in this field. In this context, a foundation was established to provide further support for development.

Letterform Archive

Letterform Archive: Letterform Archive is a non-profit organization. Dedicated to serving fans of letter art. Provides important written contact information. A community that has made great contributions to the education sector in the field of print publishing history. It has a large printing press archive consisting of medieval manuscripts. In this respect, it is also a library and even a museum. The scope of the archive mainly consists of historical manuscripts and old printed publications. There are also books, periodicals, posters, sketches, and original artwork.

This archive was founded by letter arts collector Rob Saunders. It was opened to visitors in the city of San Francisco in 2015. It includes many elements related to writing, typography, calligraphy, and graphic design covering thousands of years of history. The unique archive of rare items here has been digitized. These objects of great cultural importance can be accessed free of charge via the internet archive. Check out these most comprehensive examples in the history of written communication. You can learn more when you visit the official website of Letterform Archive as well.

Record Label Logos

Record Label Logos: A blog created by designer Reagan Ray. Offers an extensive archive of record label logos. An inspiring collection about the visual culture of the past. Record labels form an important part of the history of the music industry. It is very exciting to see the logos of companies in this field together. This collection of record label logos was created over several years. We recommend those who are interested in logo design take a look at the historical emblems here. The design examples here provide an insight into the history of typography. This rare collection is truly worth seeing.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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