Graphic Design Resources #11

In this article, we have compiled the best graphic design resources to contribute to the development of the graphic design industry and inspire creatives working in this field. Meeting one of the world’s most inspiring publications that contribute to visual culture for designers and art directors, will increase your graphic design knowledge. The poster gallery will broaden your horizons by displaying the most original Polish works in the field of film and music posters, opera, theater, and exhibition posters.

About The History of Graphic Design

The best-curated websites that explore the best of visual media arts and design, provide insight into art and design and curate the best. If you want to learn about the history of graphic design, be sure to check out the Whitney Museum of American Art’s graphic design exhibit. You might be interested in a freelance designer and writer’s graphic design blog on logos, brand identity, and packaging. You can take a look at the designs awarded by the Australian Graphic Design Association, which evaluates design products from various disciplines every year to advance the design industry.

Best Design Blogs for Art Directors and Graphic Designers

Reviewing online blogs that help art directors and graphic designers develop their creativity can help you hone your skills. In this article, we have included a website about minimalism, one of the most important types of design, where you can review the most exciting minimalist design products of our time. We especially recommend graphic designers to visit the very interesting logo collection of companies operating in the transport, production, and logistics sectors. We hope that the graphic design resources we have compiled for creatives producing in the field of marketing, design, and promotion will give you ideas for your new projects.

Grafik: Grafik is home to the world’s most inspiring graphic design. Building on the 20-year heritage in print as Grafik magazine, they tap into the brilliant designers, curators, critics, and image-makers who shape visual culture. Operating from the London office, they report on the latest projects by both upcoming and established design talent, explore graphic design history, represent the ideas of design practitioners, and provide a forum for thinking and writing about graphic design.

Whitney Graphic Design: This website showcases the work of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s in-house Graphic Design Department. All projects are produced in collaboration with many throughout the institution, and with the support of external partners.

AGDA Design Awards: The AGDA Design Awards recognize the best work in Australia across a wide range of disciplines every year. Awards aim to further the discussion about design and to stimulate the creative progress of the industry. They highlight every generation of talent, from students at colleges and universities to the long-established leaders of the profession.

Polish Poster: Polish Poster Gallery. Dealer and publisher of original Polish posters. An online shop run by Polish Poster Gallery from Wroclaw, Poland. Film and music posters, opera and theater posters, and exhibition posters are available. A very inspiring resource.

Banquet: The banquet is a boutique and beautiful publication where refined samples are exhibited giving ideas about art and design.

Mr. Cup Blog: Mr. Cup is an inspiration blog for graphic designers who need to improve their life and creativity. Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. He runs the “graphic exchange” blog, a popular online venue for graphic designers.

Minimalissimo: Minimalissimo magazine is a celebration of minimalism in design. Minimalissimo also publishes carefully crafted, tactile, and aesthetic content through our printed volumes. Each volume features striking photography and exclusive insights into the most exciting, inspiring, and minimalist designers, artists, and brands of today.

But Does It Float: But Does it Float is an ongoing visual conversation between Folkert Gorter, Atley G. Kasky, and Will Schofield taking place inside a browser window.

Branding, Packaging, Opinion: Logo, brand identity, packaging and graphic design blog, daily design inspiration, review, news, and opinion from London-based freelance designer and writer Richard Baird.

Shipco: A collection of shipping, manufacturing, transport, and logistics logos.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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