Graphic Design Resources #10

The graphic design resources we have prepared for art directors and freelance graphic designers working in the advertising industry are included in this article. Here you can find background patterns that web designers can use in their digital projects to add value to their work. For those interested in data visualization, meet an organization that rewards work in infographics, interaction, and the art of information.

You may be interested in examples of design from the socialist period in a museum that showcases the historical development of graphic design art in Bulgaria. For graphic designers interested in book cover design, a comprehensive collection of many inspirational book cover designs is also included in this article. The work of an agency specializing in the design of user interface screens that are often seen in science fiction movies can give interface designers new ideas.

Design Ideas For Designers

Thousands of interface design examples organized into categories for designers and developers in this field can be useful for your new project. In addition, an infographic on the historical development of human-computer interface technology will open the horizons of user interface designers. Discover the comprehensive letterhead collection from past to present in the letterhead design of many famous brands and individuals.

The brand database containing Japanese brands, logos, and figures can give you information about the Far East brand identity design. Also, be sure to check out the set of Japanese cultural pictograms developed for the tourism industry in Japan. You can access all issues of the visual design magazine, published by a graphic designer with the motto of inspiring creative people, free of charge. Take a look at the graphic design resources and published websites on the topic we’ve compiled from around the world to help you hone your design skills.

Hero Patterns: A collection of free repeatable SVG background patterns for you to use on your digital projects. Made by UI designer Steve Schoger. ›

Information is Beautiful Awards: The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards celebrates excellence & beauty in data visualization, infographics, interactives & information art. Every year, hundreds of visualizations are submitted to the Awards.

Socmus: A virtual museum of socialist era graphic design in Bulgaria is a project of the photographer Nikola Mihov and the architect Martin Angelov and Valeri Gyurov. ‘Socmus’ is a virtual museum that presents different sections of the Bulgarian graphic design from the socialist era (1944-1989). The project is fully focused on the artistic value of the works. The collection is periodically updated, the blog of the museum presents significant socialist era artists and other thematically related projects.

Blinde: Blind is a creative agency specializing in user interface design and moving image solutions for major feature film productions. With over 17 years of experience and expertise, they are one of the world’s top creative studios in user interface design for feature film productions. From life on set playback to final post-production, they design, animate, and deliver to the highest creative and technical standards.

Letterheady: Letterhead is an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. A very comprehensive source of letterhead history. Many famous brands and personal letterheads are available.

Revolutionary User Interfaces: The human-computer interface helps to define computing at any one time. As computers have become more mainstream the interfaces have become more intimate. This is the journey of computer technology and how it has come to touch all of our lives.

Japanese Trademarks: Combing through the Japanese figure trademark database for the best and the brightest. Publishing by designer and developer Steven Masuch.

Bak Magazine: Published by graphic designer Ozan Karakoc, Bak Magazine is the source of inspiration for creative people. All 17 issues of Bak, containing more than 5,000 pages of visual art content, have been downloaded by more than 2 million people, absolutely for free.

UI Garage: Daily UI inspiration and patterns for designers, developers to find inspiration, tools, and the best resources for your project. Find specific design inspiration for web, mobile, and tablet. Search over thousands of patterns categorized and handpicked for you.

British Cover Design: Organized since 2014; book cover designs are exhibited in the year, subject, and designer categories. There are many inspiring examples for designers.

Simple Icons: Free SVG icons for popular brands.

Japan Pictograms: Experience Japan Pictograms are a novel set of visual symbols developed for people of all cultures and ages to enhance their tourism experience in Japan.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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