Duotone: Limited Colour Schemes in Graphic Design

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Duotone: Limited Color Schemes in Graphic Design explores the possibilities and applications of the duotone printing technique, which applies either two shades of the same color, black and one tint, or two different colors. This process brings out middle tones and highlights, and its results are vibrant, colourful and stunning.

design book, design books, graphic design books
Duotone: Limited Colour Schemes in Graphic Design

The projects selected for this book cover different design categories, from logos, brochures, posters, packaging materials, book covers, posters and exhibition materials to screen designs for corporate websites and promotional microsites.

The wide variety of designs reveals the magic of duotone and how designers and artists make full use of duotone techniques to create dramatic and dynamic compositions.

Duotone is the next big trend in graphic design. It enhances readability, it makes the most of minimalist designs without overwhelming the eye, and it’s perfect for effortlessly creating atmospheres.

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design book, design books, graphic design books
Duotone: Limited Colour Schemes in Graphic Design

About the Author

Design 360° – Concept and Design Magazine is one of the major Asian design magazines. Design 360° is an all-round design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes.

It covers graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, illustration, digital design, etc. It is an informative source for students in art and design academies, professional designers, and design lovers, who take great interest in international design trend. It has built up a bridge between the design industry in China and that of the rest of the world.

Duotone: Limited Colour Schemes in Graphic Design by Design 360
Hardcover: 240 pages / Publisher: Flamant (August 7, 2018)

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