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Academic Articles About Art

Academic articles about art and researches about art. Artistic researches to compiled to help understand what art is and to comprehend the function of art. The Art of Art History, Understanding Feminist Art, The Liquidation of Art in Contemporary Art, About Relations between Art and Science, Prefigurative Art, Sustainable Art.

Art Resources #4

National Gallery of Art, Open Culture, Collectors Weekly, Installator, National Portrait Gallery, Istanbul Comics & Art Festival and other art resources.

Art Resources #8

The Art Institute of Chicago, Artfinder, Lewis Center for the Arts, Culture Trip, MetPublications, Library of Congress, Art x-ist and other art resources.

Art Resources #7

Curiator, Art UK, Europeana Art Collections, Harvard Art Museums, Barnes Collection, Art Archives Hyperallergic, Stedelijk Museum and other art resources.

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