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Enter the dynamic world of technology with our curated selection of online resources and publications. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to the latest breakthroughs and trends in Internet technologies, offering a mix of news outlets, practical how-to sites, and technology-focused blogs.

Browse world-renowned publications that cover the ever-changing landscape of the advertising industry, and explore marketing-related blogs to expand your knowledge. In addition, discover premium resources that provide in-depth brand awareness insights designed to take your business to new heights.

We have carefully selected these resources to ensure that your journey to success is guided by the best. Dive into the wealth of information provided here and let these insights empower you on your path to greatness.

Advertising and Marketing Insights

If you’re interested in understanding advertising and marketing trends, you may find Adweek a valuable resource. This well-known online publication offers in-depth insights and analysis in the advertising field. You’ll discover the latest trends in advertising, brand tactics, marketing efforts, and digital advancements. If you’re a marketing or advertising professional, you’ll find in-depth coverage of campaigns and strategies from major brands such as Organic Valley, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Infosys. Adweek also hosts the Adweek Festival and features interviews with industry leaders in its podcasts.

Since 2002, Campaign Live has explored the intersection of the business and creative worlds. With offices in London, New York and Sydney, it’s a trusted source for marketing, advertising and media content. The platform provides breaking news, analysis, articles and videos on a range of topics including campaign strategy, advertising, brand management, digital marketing and more. It conducts interviews with industry leaders, monitors industry developments and innovations, and supports the growth of the creative industries.

Founded in 2004 by Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist takes a humorous look at marketing through cartoons and comics. It satirizes marketing trends, advertising campaigns and consumer behavior, providing both entertainment and insightful perspectives. Marketoonist serves as a valuable resource for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, providing fresh perspectives on the field.

Technology and Digital Trends

Trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology? Bits, affiliated with The New York Times, focuses on technology news, trends, and analysis. This source covers a wide range of technology topics, including digital culture, Internet developments, and the societal impact of technology. Bits is a trusted source for updates on the ever-changing world of technology, offering reviews of new products, news about technology companies, and analysis of the social and cultural impact of technology.

Part of Gawker Media since 2002, Gizmodo covers technology, science, entertainment and design. It delves into the cultural and societal impact of technology, offering insight into current tech trends, scientific discoveries, and pop culture events. Gizmodo excels at making technology and science accessible and engaging, focusing on tech reviews, new products, smart devices, gaming, Internet security, privacy, and digital living. With a unique style, Gizmodo appeals to readers interested in technology, science, and pop culture.

Founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, Mashable is a leading online media platform covering technology, entertainment, culture and digital media. With a global readership and international editions, it offers a diverse range of articles, news, reviews and videos on technology developments, entertainment and cultural trends. Mashable simplifies complex technology topics, making them accessible and entertaining for readers interested in technology, Internet culture and digital change.

Founded in 2006, The Next Web (TNW) is a prominent online publication covering technology, business, and innovation. With a multinational presence, TNW provides the latest technology news, analysis, reviews, and interviews for digital entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and enthusiasts. It organizes technology events and publishes news on topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity, providing insights into future technologies and the business landscape.

Business, Brand Strategy and Design

Founded in London in 1996, Brand Finance is a global leader in brand valuation and strategy consulting. With offices in over 20 countries, the company specializes in brand valuation, strategy, brand consulting, brand management and intellectual property services. Brand Finance uses a comprehensive methodology to measure and analyze global brand value and publishes the annual World’s Most Valuable Brands report. They help companies increase the financial value of their brands by taking into account factors such as brand awareness, preference, loyalty and relationships.

Founded in 1979, “Inc.” is a leading online business media platform covering business, entrepreneurship, leadership and growth strategies. It provides news, articles, guides and tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs on topics such as starting and growing a business, financial management and marketing. Inc.com also publishes content on leadership, team building, motivation, and effective business management. It is a valuable resource for professionals who want to stay competitive in the business world.

Founded in 1993, Wired is an established online magazine that delivers timely and original content on technology, science, culture, and innovation. The publication explores the impact of technology on society and presents the latest discoveries in science. A valuable resource for technology and science enthusiasts, Wired offers engaging articles, expert analysis, and thought-provoking ideas.

Visual Arts and Creative Expression

Mindfields is Nikolay Dievski’s Tumblr page showcasing graphic design and film projects. Dievski, a software engineer and tech writer, explores themes of fantasy, science fiction, and horror in his creations. The blog features designs, illustrations, movie reviews, and various artistic expressions, making it an interesting resource for art enthusiasts and those interested in the visual arts.

WordlessTech, a visual-based platform dedicated to technology and design, presents news on technology, design and architecture. With a focus on minimalism and simplicity, it features stunning images, videos and groundbreaking inventions, covering forward-thinking designs and scientific discoveries. WordlessTech simplifies complex technical topics and provides visually inspiring content for technology and design enthusiasts.