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On this page, you can find the typography resources we have compiled for graphic designers to learn fonts. We hope that the typography-related websites in this article will enrich the production of designers working in the advertising industry. Creative art directors working in marketing design will learn about the history of writing in the world, enabling them to do better work.

Being aware of the typography resources of graphic designers in the media sector will increase their skills in this field. We hope that with the tools related to type design, type designers will produce higher quality products in the field of type engineering. In addition, there is a solution in this article for those who wonder whether the name is taken while designing the font. We recommend checking out the free web typography course for web designers and developers.

Websites About Typography For Designers

The font manager made by the font designers for designers will guide the people who produce in this field. You may also be interested in an archive documenting street signs in India. Meet a platform created by type designers to support women in the design industry. You might like a collection of chrome logos on classic cars. The photography collection of street signs in Amsterdam will allow you to explore this culture through the lens of typography. You should check out the app that lets you preview Google Fonts on a real website.

You can also use another application where you can create one-click font matches related to typography. Websites about font combinations will inspire design students to choose better fonts. Hermann Esser’s archive of original typography is waiting to be discovered by architects who love ancient letters. Explore the typography resources that design professionals can need to create better designs.

Fontwerk: They craft modern typefaces and provide innovative font engineering and type design services. Try out modern fonts free of charge. Inspiration and services for innovative agencies, designers, and brands.

Typeface Name Check: Designing a typeface and wondering if the name is already taken? The Name Check Tool uses typeface name information from various sources to validate if a given typeface name is (probably) already taken.

Free Web Typography Course: A free web typography course for web designers and web developers. You can also review this book.

Font Base Free Font Manager: Font Base is a font manager made by designers, for designers. Lightning fast, with a beautiful interface, and totally free. Works on Mac and Windows.

I Love Typography: “I Love Typography” was published by John Bordley in 2007. About typography, type history, type design, and lettering.

India Street Lettering: On India Street Lettering, Pooja Saxena documents street lettering and signage from India.

Femme Type: Femme Type is a platform celebrating type designers who identify as being a woman and are an active member of the type industry and community.

Professional Web Typography: Professional Web Typography by Donny Truong. Selecting body text, setting type in the browser, choosing headings, discerning typographic details, discovering Opentype features, and more.

Chromeography: In praise of the chrome logos and lettering affixed to vintage automobiles and electric appliances — those unsung metal emblems and badges that are overlooked, forgotten, damaged, lost to time or the dump.

Alphabettes: Alphabet is a network that supports and promotes women in typography, type design, and the lettering arts. Showcase for work, commentary, and research on lettering, typography, and type design.

Amsterdam Typography: Amsterdam Typography is a project by Arno Verweij that explores Amsterdam through the lens of typography. These form a growing collection of photographs of letters and numbers that document typography in public spaces in Amsterdam since 2019.

Archivo TipoGráfica: The graphic-type digital archive makes the 74 issues of the journal available to students, researchers, and readers in general, in print, for online consultation.

Preview Google Fonts: Preview Google Fonts on a real website. Choose and pair typefaces using a site template instead of type specimens.

Draughtsman’s Alphabets: Incredible original typography from Hermann Esser’s (1845–1908) Draughtsman’s Alphabets: A Series of Plain and Ornamental Alphabets. Designed especially for engineers, architects, draughtsmen, and painters, etc. Great for vintage-themed invitations and posters, these printables are free for you to download under the public domain.

Generate Font Pairings: Fontjoy helps designers choose the best font combinations. Mix and match different fonts for the perfect pairing. Generate font combinations with deep learning. The goal of font pairing is to select fonts that share an overarching theme yet have a pleasing contrast.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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