Typography Resources #4

On this page, you can find typography resources that we hope will inspire art directors in the marketing design industry. The resources here will allow designers at ad agencies to learn more about fonts. In this article, we have included websites with inspirational font examples. These examples will help graphic designers produce better design projects.

Check out the work of digital letter foundries that design world-class fonts. We’ve also included a website that lets you know about font history in this article. You may be interested in a carefully designed font for computer screens. The web application, called modular scale, will allow you to use the fonts in the ideal size so that the texts on the screen can be easily read.

Font Collections for Designers

Browse a collection of fonts designed to help you read classical literature better. It can give designers an idea about the use of typography on book covers. The font matcher will come in handy to help you find out what the font in an image is. You can also take a look at inspiring typography resources in this section. The web font combinations here will enable web developers to produce better projects.

Modular Scale: Calculate, visualize, and learn about modular scales.

Type Specimens: Curated from around the web by John D. Jameson.

Typio: Be better at typography.

Font Fabric: A digital type foundry crafting retail fonts and custom typography for various brands. Sharing a passion for premium typefaces, calligraphy, and lettering.

Inter Font Family: Inter is a typeface carefully crafted and designed for computer screens.

Font Books: Font Books is a collection of original typefaces designed to help people read and understand classic literature better.

Font Share: Fontshare is a free fonts service from ITF, making quality fonts accessible to all. It’s a growing collection of professional-grade fonts that are 100% free for commercial and personal use.

Font Matcherator: The Font Matcherator will find out what the font is in an image. Upload an image and we will match the fonts.

Typespiration: Inspirational web font combinations with color palettes and ready-to-use HTML/CSS code.

Typeverything: Founded by Andrei Robu in 2011, Typeverything is an independent platform for promoting talented designers or studios around the world.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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