Typography Resources #3

On this page, you can find typography resources from the best websites about fonts. We hope that the information here will enrich the design projects of those working in the marketing industry. Check out a tool to help design students learn about typography terminology.

You can meet freelance designers from all over the world trying to make the internet better. We think that a collection created for those looking for weird-looking punk fonts will be of interest to designers. You can also browse the website showcasing thousands of iconic handmade fonts for graphic designers to try and buy. A font library of unique fonts will be a source of inspiration for art directors.

Best Typography Tools

You can try the best typography tools that allow you to create combinations. These tools allow you to easily test professional fonts. Typography examples in science fiction movies can give new ideas to graphic designers who love cinema. Explore typography resources to help graphic designers in the advertising industry produce better work.

Use and Modify: Use and Modify is a personal selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces. Looking for more libre fonts? Check out this list of libre foundries.

Type Terms: Type Terms is the animated typographic cheat sheet. If you are new to typography or here to refresh your memory, then Type Terms is the perfect tool for you.

Discover Typography: How to use fonts: Typographic explorations from the designers at Hoefler and Company.

Google Fonts: Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

Type Network: Type Network brings together some of the most exciting independent type designers and foundries from around the world.

Typeset In The Future: Typeset In The Future, typography, and design in science fiction movies.

Typefaces of 2020: The top ten favorite typefaces are now joined by another 50 typefaces in the extended honorable mentions list. There’s also a section devoted to favorite glyphs or characters from fonts released in 2020.

Fontsmith: Fontsmith is a leading independent type foundry based in London with a library of modern unique fonts. Corporate licensing, font modification, and custom font services are also available.

Grammato: Until now, every text has either been written by hand or typeset with a font. With Grammato, they’re introducing a third approach, combining the best of both worlds: beautiful, infinitely smooth written text, where text keeps its semantics.

Try Typography: Test fonts from H&Co in the browser, and create complex layouts using any of the more than 1,000 fonts in our collection.

Type Anything: Type Anything is a free and awesome typography tool to create and test font combinations for your projects.

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