Typography Resources #1

We hope that the typography resources we discussed in this article will increase the knowledge and skills of art directors in the graphic design industry. In this article, you can find an important source of information for design students to gain a comprehensive knowledge of typography terminology. Important for designers, this resource also includes descriptions of your favorite fonts.

Discover Typography Tools

Discover typography tools that will enable creative professionals in the advertising industry to spend more time on design. You can try a very useful typography app where you can experiment with fonts by seeing the font size and scale. You may be interested in the innovative technology of Monotype fonts from a design studio specializing in typography.

The ASCII character archive, where you can find rarely used special characters, will be useful to everyone. We also recommend that you review the poster design archive, which we think will help you connect with different cultures. A large number of font archives containing thousands of free fonts that you can use in your design projects will enrich your productions.

Typography Designers

You can also check out a Tumblr blog where you can learn about typography designers who have created value from the past to the present. Browse a website where you can discover fonts you’re curious about in all areas of text, such as logos, movies, and books. Vintage labels discovered by typography hunters can give you new design ideas. You can browse typography resources where designers can learn more about letters that enable the transmission of written knowledge between generations.

About Type Detail: Typedia explains the typography terminology used in this project. If you are interested in joining me on this type of exploratory trip start making annotations of your favorite typefaces.

Monotype: Explore Monotype fonts and the innovative technologies that bring words to page and screen. Discover our library of over 20,000 classic and new fonts.

Type Designers at Work: Type Designers at Work is a historical value from the past to the present, where typography designers are archived.

Font Meme: Fonts and typography resource where you can generate text with fonts discover fonts used in logos, movies, books, etc, get your fonts identified, and more.

Character Codes: Are the HTML Codes, Hexadecimal Codes, and HTML entities for ASCII characters from A-Z. In order to use these characters, simply place the unique character code where you’d like the character.

Type Scale: Preview and choose the right type scale for your project. Experiment with font size, scale, and different web fonts.

Type Hunting: An ongoing archive of found typography. Photographed & curated by Jonathan Lawrence.

Typographic Posters: Connect to different cultures through poster design.

1001 Fonts: Thousands of free fonts. Free licenses for commercial use. Download direct fonts.

DaFont: Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author, or by popularity.

Urban Fonts: Download free fonts and free dingbats.

Font Squirrel: Font Squirrel scours the internet for high-quality, legitimately free fonts. Download thousands of completely legal, high-quality, free fonts.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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