The Color Teil: Life, Work, and Inspiration

The Color Teil chronicles Teil Duncan’s artistic journey, displaying over three hundred full-color images of her work, including her most well-known pieces as well as those that are lesser-known. Her studies range from figure drawings and animals to beach and pool scenes. Inspiration comes in all sizes and shapes for Teil.

She has been enamored with creativity and art since she was a child, and she nurtured this passion throughout her education. Throughout this book, readers will become better acquainted with both the artist, as a person, and the art she creates. It is a vibrant, colorful journey that can only be described as The Color Teil.

The Color Teil: Life, Work, and Inspiration


“Found a new favorite coffee table book. Have always loved Teil Duncan’s art and now it’s all in one place. Look’s great on the table and makes me feel a little more sophisticated when guests come over.” – Craig Conover, star of Bravo TV show, “Southern Charm”

“Teil is inspired by light, movement, surprising color combinations, social interaction, and pattern. And she brilliantly infuses these elements to form abstracted, pixilated compositions.” – Southern Home Magazine

From the Author

Born and raised in Columbus, GA, Teil Duncan developed a love for art as far back as she can remember. She attended Auburn University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art, and now lives and works as a full-time painter in Charleston, SC alongside her husband, Russell, and son, Robert.

She is a follower of Jesus and is so thankful to Him for providing a job that she loves. Inspired by light, movement, surprising color combinations, social interaction, and pattern, her goal is to infuse these elements and form abstracted pixilated compositions. No matter the subject, she strives to portray a balance of realism combined with loose abstraction, causing one to compliment the other.

The Color Teil: Life, Work, and Inspiration by Teil Duncan. Hardcover: 368 pages. Publisher: Vertel Publishing; First Edition, First ed. edition (June 18, 2019). Language: English.

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