Photography Resources #1

In this article, you can find photography resources where you can explore photography-related websites. The websites we have compiled on this page will inform you about the developments in the photography industry.You should take a look at the most comprehensive old photo archives we have included in this article.

Old photo archives will refresh your historical knowledge of the past. You may be interested in the photographic archive of former film artists from the 1930s to the present.

Best Photos In The Press Industry

You can also find a valuable archive of the best photos in the press industry in this article. We think that the resources on this subject will be of interest to photographers working in the field of journalism. Inspiring visual journalism examples can give you fresh ideas for your business. You can browse selected photos from the National Geographic archives. You can learn about the drone awards held worldwide in the field of aerial photography.

Browsing the New York Public Library’s photography collection will provide valuable insight into the city’s history. France’s national photography collection is truly worth seeing. We care about the need for people who are interested in photography to have easy access to photographic resources. We hope that the photography resources, which contain indispensable information resources for photographers, will be useful to the readers.

Blogs Reminiscent of The Old Days

Some blogs remind us of the old days. It carries the cultural and social events of the past years to the present. One of them is the blog page called Vintage Everyday. On this site, some events and people from the past are included in detail with their photographs. This blog page, in its own words, can bring back some good or bad memories. Such publications are also very valuable in terms of intergenerational knowledge transfer. It also offers a very comprehensive archive for those who love old photos.

Best Example of Visual Journalism

Discover one of the best examples of visual journalism with The Darkroom. Founded in 1837, the Baltimore Sun is the largest daily newspaper in Maryland. The most important stories are presented to the reader in neutral and unbiased articles. They also owns the Capital Gazette and the Carroll County Times. It is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. There is an image-heavy version of this newspaper called The Darkroom. Sun's Pulitzer Prize-winning approach to journalism combines with visual journalism. Browse stories that connect you to the communities where you live or work. You can find the best examples of news photography on this website.

Best Drone Photo Contest

One of the best drone photography competitions is the Drone Awards. It is one of the most important competitions held worldwide in this field. It was created to support the aerial photography industry. Video shoots are also among these drone awards. This competition is one of the organizations with the highest international participation ever. In 2020, amateur and professional photographers from 104 countries of the world participated. Approximately 14,000 images were evaluated in this competition. The award-winning photographers are exhibited in Siena (Italy) along with the Siena Awards Festival. Check out the world's largest international competition dedicated to photography. Submit your best photos.

Best Vintage Photo Archives

Shorpy is one of the best vintage photo archives. It contains thousands of HD images and high resolution old photos. Historical photographs converted from hundreds of glass and film negatives/transparencies were transferred to digital media. Images in this online photo archive have been painstakingly restored prior to publication. You can access thousands of high resolution images from the 1850s to the 1950s. Framed prints and stock images are displayed in this historic American photographic archive. Most of the photographs were obtained from reference images in the Library of Congress research archive. Take a look at this site, which has a wide range of content among old photography blogs.

Photography Platform

Photography Now is one of the established platforms for the development of photographic art. Founded in 1998, this website is headquartered in Berlin. It is among the leading international portals for photography and video art. Among its visitors are photo collectors and curators. It offers content that appeals to students and cultural institutions. A guide for international photography and video art enthusiasts. This portal is made available to photographers as a presentation tool. On this website you can find news and exhibitions related to the photography industry.

Best Examples of Black And White Photography

Pleasure Photo Room is one of the sites where you can see the best examples of black and white photography. A comprehensive archive of old photographs of people who became famous in the past years. There are photos of famous names from the 30s, 60s and 70s. You can find photos of former film artists and musicians on this blog.

The New York Public Library Photography Collections

The New York Public Library has been the primary source of information for all New Yorkers for over 100 years. This library has a very large collection of photos. This rich archive is waiting to be discovered, especially by old photography enthusiasts. The library serves a large number of visitors and millions of online users each year. They provide users around the world with extensive resources on the history of the city. Browse the New York Public Library archive, which offers online tools to its users.

National Museums Photo Agency

The Grand Palais Photography Agency is an organization operating in the field of national museums. This photo agency was founded in 1946 in Paris, France. It is a public industry and trade organization under the supervision of the French Ministry of Culture. It is officially responsible for the promotion of the collections in the national museums of France. They have been working for more than 60 years to display the works in national museums. They ensure that the images of historical artifacts are preserved so that they can be passed on to future generations. In this agency, many photographs of the works are taken every year. The collection, enriched with new photographs, is open to everyone. These images can be used by all audiences, individuals, scientists or professionals. Check out this website where you can get an idea of historical art photography.

World's Best Photographer Community

You must have come across an iconic image taken by a Magnum photographer in your life. Magnum Photos is a well-established community of the world's best photographers. It was founded in 1947 in Paris, France, by four pioneering photographers. For over 70 years Magnum has been creating the highest quality photo content. They documented many important events and personalities of the world. They produce iconic photographs of all areas of life. For example, topics include industry, society, people, and places of interest. Politics and news events are also covered.

The organization traditionally focuses on offices in Paris, New York and London. They produce images for media, brands and publishers. It has an international client base of cultural institutions and charities. In the last ten years, photographers from different countries of the world have participated. Browse new and classic work on the Magnum Photos website. There are still images as well as movies, writing, and other forms of art. Browse news, art and culture stories through the lens of photography.

Photographs Revealing Cultures and Moments

The National Geographic Found blog hosts a selection of photos from the National Geographic archives. They aim to breathe new life into these images and the history they represent, and to deliver them to large audiences. Photographs revealing cultures and moments in the past are on display. It was released in 2013 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of National Geographic's founding. This photo archive consists of images that have never been published before. Others are photographs that appeared in National Geographic magazine years ago but are rarely seen by readers. Check out this blog curated by photo editor Janna Dotschkal.

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