Photography Course: Fascinating Photos with One Light

It is possible to create breath-taking photos using only one light. In this in-depth photography course, you can master single-light photography and learn more about photography to create stunning dramatic portraits.

Follow Joel as he teaches you how to master the use of one light to create stunning dramatic portraits. This course has over five hours of training, from crack the code to lighting, learning the inverse square law without a mathematical formula, high-speed sync made easy, and more.

Create Stunning Dramatic Portraits

You’ve struggled in the past getting a good photo using any number of lights. You have spent a lot of time trying to understand lighting but don’t get consistent results. You don’t have a big photo studio and want to create amazing photography with little effort.

Imagine You Could

Set up a photoshoot and lights professionally without overthinking it. Take a well-lit photo using only one light in minutes. Create a stunning body of work without spending a fortune on equipment.

“I created this course to help photographers understand lighting and actually teach the workflow of a shoot without having to be a mathematician or wizard. The end result is for you to be able to easily create a strong emotion with a beautiful photo.” - Joel Crimes, Photographer.

Photography Course, Fascinating Photos with One Light

About The Photographer

For over 32 years, I have worked for many of the top advertising agencies across the globe. Over the years my assignments have taken me to every state across the USA and to over fifty countries around the globe. In 1992, I produced my first coffee table book, ‘Navajo, Portrait of a Nation’ which received a number of photographic and design awards and produce an eighteen-month solo exhibit at the Smithsonian American History museum.

Photographer Joel Grimes Explains What You Will Learn In This Course

I’ll show you how to crack the code to lighting. I believe that once you learn the basics of how light works, you then can replicate any lighting technique on the planet.

I hate mathematical equations. But I have tackled a monster; I have plotted out the Inverse Square Law using the Zone System so that you can see it from a visual perspective so that you can now apply it to your everyday shooting without having your brain explode. Another topic I go into great depth in is the use of high-speed sync. Learn to create ultra-shallow depth of field images using strobes outdoor in full sunlight overpowering the sun.

Photographer Joel Grimes, Photography Course

Get Started

  • Introduction: Introduction explaining the overview of the One Light Masterclass.
  • Case Studies: Case study of a number of Joel Grimes one light portrait he has done in the past.
  • Crack the Code: Crack The Code to light part one.  Joel begins overing the basic foundation of how light works.

Melani’s Photo Shoot

  • Introduction to Melani’s photo shoot.
  • Behind the Scenes photo shoot with Melani showing One Light Over the camera and Rembrandt Cross light.
  • Session on Retouching one of the images from the Melani’s photo shoot.

Lyric’s Photo Shoot

  • Introduction to Lyric photo shoot.
  • Behind the Scenes photo shoot with Lyric showing One Light Over the camera, Rembrandt Cross light and simulating sunlight effect.
  • Session on Retouching one of the images from the Lyric’s photo shoot.

Photography Course, One Light Masterclass

Mastering Light

  • Inverse Square Law Made Simple: The Inverse Square Law made simple.  Here Joel shows how to calculate the ISL without a mathematical formula by plotting it out visually using the Zone System.
  • High-Speed Sync: In this lesson, Joel covers everything you need to know about High-Speed Sync.  After this session, you will have the confidence to take a subject outdoors and overpower the sun.

Faith’s Photo Shoot

  • Faith’s Shoot – Behind the Scene: Behind Scenes photoshoot with Faith showing One Light Over the camera using High-Speed Sync in the field.
  • Exposure Compensating: Joel has created a simple cheat sheet that will aid you in the field to calculate your exposure compensation as you enter into the Hight Speed Sync zone.
  • Faith Shoot – Retouching: Session on Retouching one of the images from Faith’s photoshoot.

master one-light photography

Hear What Photographers Have To Say

“Inspired by Joel’s Lectures from an Artist module and used his textures background that I purchased. And within few hours my composition was popular at 97.4 pluses. Thank you Joel.” – Andy A.

“I just want to say thank you to Joel Grimes. I’ve listened to different photographers/photo artists share their story/advice on succeeding as a photographer, but your dedicating a full chapter on conditioning one’s mind, expectation and commitment is just unique, and I thank you for that.” – Emo O.

“This man is an inspiration to so many artists. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career without guidance from Joel. Such a humble man is always willing to help others. The most creative artist I have ever met. Thank you Joel for being a great mentor, instructor, and all-around creative mind.” – Doug O.

“Joel has a natural talent for not only his artistic trade but is also a fantastic teacher and a true inspiration. His enthusiasm in helping other artists to their full potential is truly an inspiring trait that all of us in the arts should inspire to. Thanks, Joel for all your contributions to our trade and keep up the good work.” – DW T.

“I bought a large amount of Joel’s tutorials and I must say he is one of the few guys that really lets you fully into the intricate details of how he does his work. It’s fantastic stuff and I would recommend his training to anyone.” – Gordon M.

One Light Masterclass

How to master the use of one light to create stunning dramatic portraits. It is possible to create breath-taking photos using only one light. I’ll show you how to master one-light photography in this in-depth course, showing you behind the lens and setting up your light all the way to retouching it in Photoshop. Lessons: 18, length: 5 hours 24 minutes, level: Intermediate, software: Photoshop.

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