Music Resources

Music resources compiled to enrich the productions of musicians and composers and contribute to the development of the music industry. We aim to help music professionals and anyone interested in music production have regular and comprehensive access to music news, streams, content and free music resources. We believe that using different disciplines will enrich their work by informing visual artists and designers about an auditory activity such as music. We hope the music and sound archive here, which includes music platforms, reviews, interviews, instruments, recordings, playlists, and more, will inspire music lovers and all music producers.

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Here you can also find free music loops, background music, and sound effects that we’ve compiled for music composers and video editors who need royalty-free music in their production. Check out carefully selected resources for those who want to edit music and improve their music production. Here you can also find online music streams, online radio stations and radio channels we have compiled to help music lovers discover new and different music and musicians. You can discover new music in classical, pop, rock, electronic, jazz and many more music genres, and learn about valuable musicians and artists in music history. We think it is important to contribute to the announcement and discovery of new musicians and to facilitate the transfer of information about music and music production.