Music Sound Resources #3

This article covers music and sound resources available to musicians in the music industry. You can review the sites where you can get information about music. Free music that you can use for commercial or personal purposes. Audio resources that video artists may need. In this article, we have compiled websites that we hope music lovers will browse.

Videos of one-minute footage of subway musicians. Platforms created for music lovers. Music archives where you can share your playlists. The best examples of live music from all over the world. Places where you can watch concerts in music venues. A website that visualizes the evolution of rock music over the past century. In this article, we have compiled information resources that will allow you to discover the best music.

Websites About Symphonic Music

We also include websites about symphonic music that may be of interest to classical music lovers. For example, you must listen to the works performed by the Dutch Bach Ensemble. Check out an important arts organization founded to raise awareness. It will allow you to learn about the contributions of women to the music industry.

We hope that the music resources we have carefully compiled will inspire music lovers. We are happy to contribute to the announcement of new musicians. Browse music platforms, reviews, playlists, and more.

Whatfunk Free Music: Free music you can use for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You don’t have to provide credit, although it is appreciated when possible. A new song every Monday.

Metro Musicians: One minute of fearless underground musicians. By filmmaker Bas Berkhout.

Deezer: Try flow, only on Deezer. Listen to your music, when and where you want. Discover more than 53 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favorite tracks with your friends.

All of Bach: This is where you can find new recordings of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and many guest musicians. Each week spotlights a different work.

Grateful Dead: Internet Archive lives music Grateful Dead collection.

Sofar Sounds: Gigs in intimate spaces around the world. Sofar Sounds is a global movement that brings the magic back to live music. Sign up today to host, play or attend.

100 Years of Rock: Look and listen to the influence of rock music visualized over the past century.

The Global Jukebox: The Global Jukebox explores connections between families of expressive style. One can travel the world of song, dance, and language through the Wheel Chart and the Map. Thousands of examples of the world’s music, dance, and other expressive behavior are available here.

Standart FM: FM internet radio Turkish broadcasting. It is a radio station where programmers keep their programs alive, breathing, in heart, and in constant communication with their listeners.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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