Oil Painting Landscapes: An All-Inclusive Guide to Realistic Painting Methods

“Landscapes in Oil is a special manual that combines contemporary methods and viewpoints with the long history of landscape painting. Author Ken Salaz draws inspiration from the work of the Hudson River School, an American painting movement known for its stunning landscapes. In addition to adapting these techniques for use by contemporary artists, he shares the thinking and painting skills of artists such as Frederic Church and Thomas Cole.

Principles of Landscape Painting

“Landscapes in Oil is notable for its emphasis on the essential components of landscape painting, which include drawing, value, color, composition, and quality of light. Salaz emphasizes the value of plein air painting, which involves quickly sketching outdoors to capture the spirit of the scene. The ability to translate the real world into powerful studio paintings depends on these studies.

Salaz’s experience with light quality on a human level is particularly revealing. He talks about painting the same scene at different times of the day to demonstrate how color, atmosphere, and mood are affected by light. His meticulous examples from Dobbs Ferry, New York, effectively demonstrate these variations and show how time of day can be accurately represented in a painting.

Landscapes in Oil
Landscapes in Oil

Methodical Advice and Masterpieces

The book shows you what to do, not just tells you. Salaz explains in great detail how he went about painting four of his own works. This section covers not only technique, but also the reasoning behind each choice. Dozens of exquisite works by contemporary and historical landscape painters, carefully chosen to highlight particular facets of the medium, complement these personal observations.

A Resource for All Levels

For Salaz, landscape painting is about more than creating “pretty pictures. It is about communicating the intimate connection that exists between people and the natural world. His book comes at a time when traditional landscape painting is gaining popularity in North America. “Landscapes in Oil is an invaluable tool for landscape artists of all levels.

Landscapes in Oil
Landscapes in Oil

Author Bio: Ken Salaz

Born in Southern California in 1970, Ken Salaz’s diverse upbringing has broadened his perspective as an artist. After studying with renowned artists such as Leonid Gervitz and Jacob Collins and traveling the world, Salaz has created his own brand of Poetic Realism. His work has been featured on the cover of PleinAir magazine and in publications such as Fine Art Connoisseur. Perhaps there is a magical quality to Salaz’s paintings because he is also a talented magician and comedian. He and his family live in the Hudson River Valley.

In summary

The book is nicely summarized by Jacob Collins as follows: Salaz provides a solid foundation in all the important areas of landscape painting, from the more subtle ideas of atmosphere and lighting to the technical aspects of drawing and color. More than just a guide, Landscapes in Oil serves as a conduit of inspiration and knowledge between traditional methods and modern artistic expression. This book will guide and encourage you on your creative journey, regardless of your level of experience-whether you are a beginner eager to learn or an experienced artist seeking to refine your technique.

Landscapes in Oil: A Contemporary Guide to Realistic Painting in the Classical Tradition by Ken Salaz. Hardcover: 240 pages. Language: English. Publisher: Monacelli Studio (March 19, 2019).

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