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On this page, you can review the graphic design resources we have compiled in order to develop the graphic design industry and raise awareness among young designers. You can learn about a global design competition that publishes the logo work of graphic designers from all over the world, digitally and in print. These days when the e-commerce industry is at its peak, be sure to check out a collection of very inspiring examples of e-commerce website design. You can also find a very informative website about web design techniques and methodology, which consists of a set of design principles.

Best Design Examples For Designers

Plus, a design collection showcasing hundreds of examples of the best landing page design will be a source of inspiration for web designers in need of fresh ideas. Don’t forget to also check out the gallery of beautiful and modern websites that we hope will give new ideas to web developers and designers. We hope the information here will help web designers and developers produce higher-quality projects.

We’ve included a very comprehensive illustration directory with hundreds of thousands of illustrators to this post. Be sure to check out the illustrators’ portfolios here. You can also take a look at the work of an organization that strives for the development of the illustration industry. Examine the work of the association that provides contract and business support to illustrators, and organizes training, promotion, and competitions on this subject.

A personal blog with inspiring examples of minimal design can give you an idea of ​​simplicity in design. Email marketing is one of the important promotional activities in digital marketing. We have a handpicked collection of email designs for designers where you can find thousands of the best email design examples on the subject. Modern icons with interesting and unique UI design examples; It is offered free of charge to designers working on interface design. You can find the websites we have prepared for those working in the field of marketing design in the advertising industry in the graphic design resources section.

Logo Lounge News: Logo Lounge is a global competition where your work could be included in the next Logo Lounge Book which is published both digitally and in print. Your design and profile are included in the publication which is sent to tens of thousands of designers and companies all over the world.

E-Commerce Website Design: Browse the most complete and up-to-date gallery for fantastic eCommerce website design inspiration and the best eCommerce solutions and marketing tools. Ecomm aims to showcase an eclectic mix of stores across many different verticals, with less of a focus on front-end experimentation and more on the metrics and UX practices that matter to eCommerce.

Design Techniques: Design techniques, methodology, and best practices at AREA 17. The Pixel School is a design methodology created by Arnaud Mercier and formalized by AREA 17. It is a defined way of working that has a great impact on the final product. It consists of a set of design principles and the techniques to achieve them. Disenchanted with the quality of design on the web, Arnaud created the Pixel School in 1999.

Directory of Illustration: Directory of Illustration features thousands of illustrations from hundreds of the best illustrators working today. The artist resources division promotes the world’s leading commercial image-makers with portfolio websites and printed talent directories. Art directors in advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporations, and publishing companies regularly refer to Serbin publications and websites when they need to hire professional freelance photographers, illustrators, animators, multimedia, or 3D artists.

The Association of Illustrators: The Association of Illustrators provides contract and business support to illustrators. They champion the rights of illustrators and run competitions and events. The Association of Illustrators is the professional body for illustration in the UK. Established in 1973, the AOI champions illustrators and the illustration industry with education, promotion, and campaigning to achieve a thriving industry for us all.

Landing Page Design Inspiration: The best landing page design inspiration from around the web. Lapa Ninja was created to help designers find inspiration, learn, and improve their design skills. Content is selected from some of the best designs on the web, and updated daily. Lapa Ninja is featured on Product Hunt, with more than 1400 votes.

Insprd: Matt Legrand’s blog page. Inspirational examples about typography, identity, grid, and minimal design.

Really Good Emails: Really Good Emails aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. This 4,000+ handpicked collection is powered by community submissions and finds the best email examples out there.

Site See: A curated gallery of beautiful, modern websites meant to inspire web developers and designers.

Unicode Characters: Are shortlisted Unicode characters which can be used as icons for designing websites.

Material Design Icons: Flat, pixel-perfect, and royalty-free icons with quick download options. Are the place to download material icons (by Google) in SVG and PNG formats in various sizes.

UI Movement: UI Movement is a community of design enthusiasts who share and discuss the most interesting and unique UI designs.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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