Graphic Design Resources #8

This article contains interesting and informative graphic design resources where advertising and design professionals can develop their design skills. You can browse graphic design websites with examples, reviews, and news on print design, brand identity, and packaging design.

Discover Design Examples

The historical magazine collection, which consists of many magazine cover examples, will inspire designers who love magazine covers. In addition, the work of a designer who redesigns the covers of the books they read can be beneficial for designers interested in book cover design. Design samples collected by an organization researching the graphic design industry in Singapore can give you fresh ideas.

We recommend those who like old posters, advertisements, and packaging designs to review the historical design products archive of the International Advertising and Design Database. We hope that the user interface design examples, icon collections and patterns compiled from all over the world for interface designers will enrich your productions. You can also explore design examples in the CSS gallery, where innovative web interfaces for web designers are collected and shared.

Bloomberg Cover Collection: Bloomberg Business Week magazine cover collection. More than 100 magazines cover examples. There are very interesting designs in the historical archive.

Singapore Graphic Archives: An independent organization that collects and documents graphic design from Singapore to encourage research on the industry, and to promote a critical.

Advertising and Design Database: International Advertising & Design Database starts posters with but is not limited to this. Posters are just part of a campaign, that in the old days would include newspaper advertisements, poster stamps, handbills, packaging, etc.

Collect UI: A platform for your daily inspiration collected from daily UI and beyond. Collect UI is updating daily by publishing approved posts every hour.

BP&O Branding: BP&O branding, packaging, and opinion is the logo, brand identity, packaging, and graphic design blog, daily design inspiration, review, news, and opinion from Richard Baird.

Free Icons for Everything: The most diverse collection of icons ever. Download SVG and PNG. Millions of free icons or unlimited royalty-free icons with Noun Pro.

From Cover to Cover: This is Jenny Volvovski’s personal project that spent a lot of time thinking about book cover design and decided that recreating the covers of the books she read would be a nice exercise.

The Brand Identity: Brand Identity is a platform that brings together the best graphic design work from around the world. Curated by Elliott Moody.

Print Pm: Daily inspiration for print lovers.

Background Patterns: Spice up your next web project with these nice backgrounds. All patterns on this site can be used free of charge.

Responsive Design Gallery: The Responsive seeks to be a tool of inspiration and an online gallery showcasing the best responsive user interface design from around the globe.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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