Graphic Design Resources #12

This post is for creators and graphic design students working in marketing. There are websites that give new ideas about cover design, poster design, and brand identity. You can also find a very rich collection of patterns for designers who need plaid patterns in their projects.

For moviegoers who are interested in logo design, a blog where the logos of the movies are carefully compiled may interest you. A website published to support the marketing design industry, where you can come across very subtle examples of brand identity, can broaden your horizons. We have also included a rich archive where you can find information about magazine covers and designers of various publications. You may also be interested in a collection of old magazine covers from years ago.

Album Cover Design Ideas

Tips from designers who are experts in album cover design will be very useful for creators who add value to the music industry with cover designs. You can learn the criteria you should consider when designing an album cover, such as choosing typography and the right visual combination. We hope that it will enrich the production of art directors working in the field of printing and graphic designers interested in cover design.

Poster Design, Typography and Graphic Identity

One of the most important marketing tools of the music and art industry for years is posters. We recommend that creators with productions on this subject review the music and art-related poster designs archive in this article. Details about the typography and graphic identity of Harley Quinn, one of the most interesting characters of DC Comics, may be of interest to comic book enthusiasts. It may be useful for your new projects to take a look at the 2020 graphic design trend we have left behind. Another important resource you can find in this article is a very rich visual archive belonging to an art and design college. We hope it will be a very educational graphic design resource for those working in the visual field, especially art and design students.

Behind Graphic Identity For Harley Quinn: Emily Oberman points out the hidden weapons in the logo and how the unhinged protagonist is channeled through typography.

Four Tips For Album Cover Designing: Designing an album cover? Here are 4 tips from the experts. There’s a lot to consider when designing album cover art-from carefully selecting the right typography, to capturing the essence of a record’s sound using just the right combination of visuals

Logos in Movies: Aleksey Busygin’s blog about fictional logos in movies and other media.

Magazine Covers: Inspiring oldies magazine cover designs.

Music and Art Posters: A blog featuring poster designs about music and art.

Newest Covers Coverjunkie: A celebration of creative covers and their ace designers. Coverjunkie is an addiction to magazine covers.

Tartan Patterns: A ready-to-use collection of tartan patterns. All are available for download as seamless repetitive tiles in SVG and PNG format.

The Brand Identity: The Brand Identity exists to empower and support the graphic design industry.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design: The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) Library holds 50,000 volumes and a slide library of more than 145,000 images. A top-ranking resource, the library also has subscriptions to hundreds of periodicals and access to eight online databases.

Top 20 Graphic Design Trends For 2020: Take a look at these graphic design trends for 2020 and find the inspiration you need for your upcoming projects.

References: Sources used in the creation of this article.

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