Design Resources for Enthusiasts and Professionals

If you’re interested in the history of graphic design in Bulgaria during the socialist era, a curated museum showcases book cover designs and notable works. This resource offers valuable insights for designers and enthusiasts and provides a unique glimpse into the past.

A vast collection of categorized interface design examples is available for designers and developers, featuring thousands of inspiring works. In addition, an informative infographic provides insight into the historical development of human-computer interface technology, making it an important resource for those in the field.

A database of Japanese brand identity design is also accessible, featuring logos, brands, and iconic characters. This comprehensive resource also includes a set of Japanese cultural pictograms designed for the tourism industry, making it an important tool for designers and creatives.

Inspiring Platforms and Websites for Creative Art and Design Enthusiasts

Bak Magazine is a platform that covers a wide range of creative disciplines such as art, design and photography. It is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in creative arts and visual aesthetics. The magazine offers inspiring content on the latest art and design trends, provides news from the world of art and design, and showcases designers and artists from around the world.

Blinde is a digital design studio that creates innovative and user-friendly designs. They are known for pushing boundaries and creating original digital experiences. With a diverse portfolio ranging from brand design to motion graphics, Blinde tells compelling stories with each project and inspires those seeking design inspiration.

British Cover Design is a website that showcases the creative and original designs of British book covers. It serves as a valuable source of inspiration for design enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics and originality. Whether you’re interested in classic masterpieces or modern designs, British Cover Design is the ultimate destination for book cover design enthusiasts.

Interesting Platforms to Explore

Hero Patterns is a platform that offers a wide range of modern and attractive background patterns for web designers and developers. These patterns can be customized to create visually unique and appealing designs for web projects.

The Information is Beautiful Awards is a prestigious platform that recognizes excellence in data visualization and information design. It showcases projects that transform data into stunning and meaningful visual formats and inspires artists who combine information with art. This awards program encourages and rewards creativity and impact, and highlights the power of data visualization.

Japan Pictograms is a website featuring a collection of traditional and modern Japanese symbols that showcase Japanese culture. This platform is designed to allow you to explore Japan’s unique symbols and motifs and appreciate Japanese aesthetics. It offers you the opportunity to experience Japan’s rich cultural heritage through symbols.

Showcase Unique Designs: Japanese Trademarks and Letterheady

Japanese Trademarks is a Tumblr blog that showcases the creativity and diversity of Japanese trademarks. It highlights various brand and logo designs from different industries, emphasizing the aesthetic aspect of commerce. The site features trademarks registered in Japan from various industries, making it a valuable resource for learning about Japan’s branding culture.

Letterheady is a fascinating website that showcases historical letterhead designs. It features the letterheads and headers of famous people and companies, offering a glimpse into the past. This platform takes you on a nostalgic journey through retro and vintage stationery from different years and designs. By exploring the visual richness and design details of old letters, you can delve into the design heritage of the past and add a new creative dimension to your work.

Useful Design Resources

Simple Icons is an easy-to-use website that offers thousands of clean and organized logo icons of popular brands. Designers can use these minimalist and distinctive icons to add official logos to their projects, making brand identity easily recognizable and enhancing the professionalism of design projects.

Socmus is an online museum of graphic design from the socialist era in Bulgaria. The initiative was started by photographer Nikola Mihov and architects Martin Angelov and Valeri Gyurov. It presents Bulgarian graphic design between 1944 and 1989, focusing exclusively on the artistic value of the works rather than their historical or political contexts.

UI Garage is a platform that helps designers interested in user interface design bring their ideas to life. The site offers a diverse collection of user interface designs, making it a great resource for designers who want to complete their projects more efficiently. By sharing carefully selected examples of user interface designs from various websites and mobile applications, UI Garage inspires designers to create visually stunning and user-centered designs.