Graphic Design Handbook

Graphic design handbook. Ease your work and save your time by keeping all the important information at your fingertips. As a graphic designer, many times you find yourself losing precious time searching for various information that you need to use in your daily projects. Because your time is so important, you need to spend it wisely by using the right tools.

Color Theory, Typography, Branding and More

The Graphic Design Handbook will ease your work by providing you lots of structured information and practical advice on the following topics: Color theory, color psychology, shape psychology, typography, branding, logo design, and charts with brochure folding options and lots of tables with standard dimensions for flyers, brochures, papers, banners, etc.

Graphic Design Handbook

About the Author

Hi, I’m Radu Frasie, a coloring book author and graphic designer from Romania. I generally create coloring books for grown-ups (adult coloring books), but I also create coloring books for kids and other books related to colorings, like coloring swatches organizers, and others. My aim is to focus on quality and offer you the highest quality I can achieve with my books. I don’t want to create as many books as I can.

Graphic Design Handbook

I prefer to create fewer books, but with higher quality, with well-drawn illustrations, and paying close attention to details. I know that adult coloring books are a great way of relaxation and stress relieving, but also a great form of therapy for many people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other disorders, so I propose myself to create great coloring books and help as many people as I can to pass over their problems and have a better life.

The Graphic Design Handbook was named “One of the best Graphic Design books of all time” by Book Authority. Paperback: 152 pages. Publisher: Independently published (April 20, 2018).

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