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We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to tell you more about our publication. If you have a question to be answered, we hope the answers listed below will help you find the answer you are looking for. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Inspirational Design Resources?

A publication on design and art published on since March 2019. It compiles and publishes resources from different disciplines that a designer or artist may need.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to contribute to the discovery of sources of inspiration by design and art professionals. For this purpose, it compiles art and design-related resources, provides regular access to relevant content for readers, and tries to enrich its productions.

What topics does this website cover?

This website mainly covers the fields of graphic design and typography. In addition, subjects in the fields of photography, cinema, art, culture, and music are included on this website.

Who is this website published for?

This website is intended for amateur or professional people who love and are interested in design and art. It is a published website for all designers or artists, beginners, or advanced users. It appeals to graphic designers, art directors, and all other visual designers working in the advertising industry. Our reader consists of design agency employees in the communication and marketing sector, and especially freelance illustrators and graphic designers.

We are happy to appeal to those who are interested in graphic design and want to learn, and graphic design students. In addition, photographers who produce visual content, advertising photographers, fashion photographers are among our visitors. We are also proud that art lovers, painters, and all other artists who produce visual works are among our readers. We believe that appealing to music and sound professionals and music lovers at all levels besides visual arts will increase interdisciplinary wealth.

What is in the content of this website?

The content of this website contains inspirational resources about design and art. There are graphic design articles, design ideas, courses, books, and free stock images, models, templates, and more. Websites and free fonts where you can find new techniques about typography.

It contains inspirational ideas, tutorials, and software for photography and cinema. There are resources and content for those interested in video editing to improve their filmmaking skills. For art lovers, inspirational websites about museums, galleries, and art have been compiled. There are also artbooks and courses to improve your painting techniques.

We have also compiled color codes that will enable designers and artists to use colors correctly and tips that will give new ideas. There is also content that will enable music and sound producers to discover music resources that give ideas, and music lovers to discover different music and musicians.

How is it different from other websites published for a similar purpose?

The biggest difference of Inspiration Design Resources from other websites published for similar purposes is that it contains topics that will increase interdisciplinary wealth. We believe that using resources from different disciplines can truly enrich the work of a designer or artist. Therefore, besides the subjects related to design, the contents of different disciplines such as photography, cinema, art, and music are also published on this website.

How can you send us the resources you want to be published on this website?

You can share with us the resources you encounter on issues covered on this website. Your website suggestions, which you think will be useful in discovering by design and art professionals, will contribute to the creation of the collective archive we are trying to organize. For detailed information on this subject, you can review the submissions page.

How can you send us your articles that you want to be published on this website?

If you have articles related to the topics covered by this website, we are happy to publish your articles and deliver them to our readers. Please review the submissions page with detailed information on this topic.

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