Automated Drone Photo Editor: AirMagic

AirMagic, boost your drone photography, automatically. Be the first one to try AirMagic, the world’s first fully automated drone photos enhancer. Powered by AI and advanced algorithms, AirMagic improves your aerial photos automatically. Simply drag and drop all your pictures to the app; practical and fastest. Drag and drop all of your images, including raw files, and enhance them in one click.

Start Your Experience with AirMagic

RAW files support, improve multiple photos at once. Drag and drop all of your images, including raw files, and enhance them in one click. AirMagic, the world’s first fully automated Drone Photos Enhancer. Fully automated. The app analyzes different aspects of the image and makes appropriate improvements, without any human involvement.

Packed With Unique Technologies

  • Remove Haze: Haze can hide important details and is common in drone photos. AirMagic removes haze automatically.
  • Enhance The Sky: AirMagic automatically detects sky in your photos and applies adjustments to make it look great.
  • Reveal Details: AirMagic automatically reveals hidden details in your aerial photos without adding artifacts or pesky noise.
  • Boost Colors: Automatically adjust levels across mid-tones, highlights, and shadows. Achieve deeper, richer colors for awe-inspiring results.

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Get Creative With Styles

Add a creative touch to your photos with different styles inside the app. No need to spend money on additional filters for your drone when you have these styles built inside AirMagic.

Adapted For Your Drone

AirMagic engine detects the camera type used on your drone to produce the image and makes lens corrections or other optimizations specific to that camera.

Works both as Standalone and Plugin

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Apple Photos Extension
  • As Standalone Application

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System Requirements

MAC: Mac Model Early 2010 or newer. MacOS 10.11 or higher. RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended). Disk space 4 GB. / WINDOWS: Graphics Open GL 3.3 or later compatible. Processor Intel® Core i3 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor. OS Windows 7 or higher (only x64-bit OS). RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended). Disk space 4 GB.

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