It is a publication in which resources in graphic design, photography, culture and art are archived. The purpose of this publication is to contribute to the discovery of “inspiration resources“ by the employees of design and art.

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Inspiration Design Resource includes resources on these issues; graphic designphotography and cinemaart and culturetypographycolorstock image and music. You can follow Inspiration Design Resource on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts. Also graphic design, front-end design, visual design, industrial design and in design field all current design jobs are here. For your suggestions; info[at]

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Graphic Design Resources

Design Everywhere, Bauhaus Movement, Daily Minimal, Design Facts, 100 Years of Design AIGA. CSS Design Awards, Flat Studio, Design Clever, Archivio Grafica Italiana, Html Inspiration. Visual Identity Awards, Brand New, Identity Designed, Site Inspire and other graphic design resources. Read more…

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Photography & Cinema Resources

American Film Institute, L’Agence Photo Cinéma, Academy Film Archive, FilmAid, Turkish Nostalgia, Clothes On Film. George Eastman Collections, Bill Brandt Archive, Contact Sheet Print, Museum of NYC, Ten Tips for Making Interesting Images and other photography and cinema resources. Read more…

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Art & Culture Resources

Design is Fine, The Curious Brain, SwissMiss, Getty Publications Library, My Modern Met, Aesthetica Magazine, Designboom, Creative Review, Freeyork, MoMA Exhibition History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Van Gogh Museum, Women Who Draw, British Library and other art resources. Read more…

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Typography Resources

About Type Detail, Monotype, Type Designers at Work, Typographic Posters, Type Hunting, Urban Fonts. Type Wonder, Type Tester, Fonts In Use, Practical Typography, Art of The Title. Type Terms, Discover Typography, Type Network, Try Typography, Type Anything and other typography resources. Read more…

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Color Resources

Web Colour Data, Colour Code, Pantone, Color Thief, Guideline Colour, Brand Colors, Movies in Color. Interaction of Color, Color Hunt, Material Palette, Adobe Color CC, UI Gradients. Material UI Colors, Color Hex Color Codes, Color Library, Brands In Colours, Color Method and other color resources. Read more…

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Stock Photo & Video Resources

Open Images, Unsplash, Pexels, Visual Hunt, Libre Stock Photos, Pixabay, Free Nature Stock. Stock Footage for Free, Nomad Pictures, Realistic Shots, Skuawk. Stock Footage, LibreShot, Photo Stock, Barn Images, Cupcake, Good Free Photos, Designers Pics and other free stock image resources. Read more…