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Art News

In this page you will see the latest art news. Art developments will enhance your creativity and expose you to different ideas and techniques. Be aware of developments…

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Academic Articles About Art

Academic articles about art and researches about art. Artistic researches to compiled to help understand what art is and to comprehend the function of art.

Art Books #1

The Color Teil, Landscapes in Oil, Impressionism, Art of Feminism, Acrylic Painting, Monet, The Short Story of Modern Art, Life with Picasso, Art Fundamentals and more.

Art Resources #8

The Art Institute of Chicago, Artfinder, Lewis Center for the Arts, Culture Trip, MetPublications, Library of Congress, Art x-ist and other art resources.

Free Art eBooks #2

Free art ebooks and free art magazines: Somewhere on the Australian Coast, An Inside View A Survey of Prints, Turner to Monet National Gallery of Australia.