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Photography Books #1

A History of Photography in Fashion Magazines, Bill Cunningham: On the Street, Fred Herzog: Modern Color, Photographers on Photography, Creative Flash Photography, The Short Story of Photography: A Pocket Guide to Key Genres, Works, Themes and Techniques, Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, The Art of Photography: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression

Photography Resources #2

The Photographers Gallery, Flashbak, New Old Stock, Camera Work, L.A. Times Photography, National Library of Ireland and other photography resources.

Photography Resources #4

The Art of Foto, Europeana Collections, Lens Culture, 500 Photographers, Minor White Archive, The Eye of Photography and other photography resources.

Photography Resources #1

Vintage Everyday, The Darkroom, Shorpy, NY Public Library Photography Collections, Magnum Photos, Street View Photography and other photography resources.