Free Graphic Design eBooks #1

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Free graphic design ebooks: Indigo Design Award, British Book Design Awards 2008-2010, Graphic Design Opening Analysis. Free ebooks for graphic designers.

Indigo Design Award, Winners 2018

British Book Design and Production Awards 2008, Oxford Brookes University

Graphic Design, Opening Analysis

British Book Design and Production Awards 2010, Oxford Brookes University

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Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes

Corporate identity book, branding reference for graphic designers and graphic design students. Published by Laurence King, this is a complete, taxonomical guide to the history, development and style of identity design.

Best Free Fonts For Graphic Designers
55+ Best Free Fonts #2

This article provides one of the best collections of high quality, attractive, elegant, design friendly and handpicked 55+ free fonts for graphic designers. Continue reading to find out more.