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Basic Art Series #1

The Basic Art Series provides a comprehensive introduction to a artist or designer: Abstract Art, Bacon, Bauhaus, Cézanne, De Lempicka, Degas and much more.

The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting

A landscape painting guide by Suzanne Brooker for oil painters from nature, and showcases tools and techniques used by classic and modern oil painters.

Life with Picasso

Françoise Gilot’s candid memoir remains the most revealing portrait of Picasso written, and gives fascinating insight into the intense and creative life shared by two modern artists.

The Story of Art

This by E.H. Gombrich's classic work continues its triumphant progress for yet another generation, to remain the title of first choice for the connoisseur.


Impressionism one of the most fascinating movements in the history of modern art. It is also the most popular with the general public. Impressionism by Ingo F. Walther

Monet (Basic Art Series 2.0)

This work by Christoph Heinrich offers the essential introduction to an artist whose works simultaneously reflected upon the purpose of a picture the story of art.