Made in Japan: Awe-Inspiring Japanese Graphics

For many, Made in Japan is synonymous with quality the perfect marriage of aesthetic appeal and functionality. The intentions of the designer can be found in the slightest detail, but none are overworked, preferring spare elegance to busy excess.

Extra Bold

Extra Bold is the inclusive, practical, and informative (design) career guide for everyone. Part textbook and part comic book, zine, manifesto, survival guide, and self-help manual, Extra Bold is filled with stories and ideas that don't show up in other career books or design overviews.

How Design Makes Us Think

From posters to cars, design is everywhere. While we often discuss the aesthetics of design, we don't always dig deeper to unearth the ways design can overtly, and covertly, convince us of a certain way of thinking. How Design Makes Us Think collects hundreds of examples across graphic design, product design, industrial design, and architecture to illustrate how design can inspire, provoke, amuse, anger, or reassure us.

Graphic Design For Everyone

Transform your ideas into powerful visuals to connect with your audience, define your brand, and take your project to the next level. This highly practical design book takes you through the building blocks of design type, photography, illustration, color and shows you how to combine these tools to create visuals that inform, influence, and enthral.

Graphic Design Rules: 365 Essential Dos and Don'ts

DON'T use comic sans (except ironically) but DO worship the classic typefaces like Helvetica and Garamond. Graphic Design Rules is a handy guide for professional graphic designers, students, and laymen who incorporate graphic design into their job or small business.

Powered by Design: An Introduction to Problem Solving with Graphic Design

A book that teaches the basics of design. It is for anyone who wants a practical understanding of what graphic design is, its power and potential. A truly up to date and thoughtful approach to an introduction to graphic design. The design industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade.

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